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Strengthening livelihoods in Central America through evidence

With the generous support of the Cotopaxi Foundation, J-PAL Latin America and the Caribbean (J-PAL LAC) just launched a project that aims to improve livelihoods in Central America. The project, “Strengthening Livelihoods in Central America Through Evidence Use,” will share evidence, strengthen local...
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Not as easy as A, B, C, 1, 2, 3: Emphasizing transparency in measuring holistic skills

Characteristics like creativity or motivation can be crucial components of a successful education, yet there is relatively little knowledge or consensus on how to effectively measure them. The Learning for All Initiative (LAI) recently published a literature review and guide on how researchers...
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Researching racial equity: Administrative data bias

In part six of J-PAL North America’s researching racial equity blog series, we identify sources of bias in administrative data and describe these within the educational context.
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J-PAL North America joins the Learning Engineering Virtual Institute to improve math outcomes for middle school students

In October 2023, J-PAL North America joined the Learning Engineering Virtual Institute to support organizations evaluating learning products that harness AI and machine learning to improve middle school math achievement.
J-PAL Africa presenting at a workshop with the Western Cape Government

Shukuma in South African schools: Fostering strong partnerships to address violence in the Western Cape

In 2019, representatives from the Western Cape Government’s Department of the Premier's Office attended J-PAL Africa’s Evaluating Social Programs (ESP) course in Cape Town to learn more about how evidence from randomized evaluations can inform program design and implementation. During ESP...
Zeqi Yasin interviewing a respondent for an evaluation in Indonesia.

20 for 20: Fostering ethical research practices through collaboration

  • Mohammad Zeqi Yasin
This is the fourth post of J-PAL’s 20 for 20: Partner Voices blog series, where we showcase stories of results and impact with our partners to celebrate our twentieth anniversary. Read on to learn about Mohammad Zeqi Yasin’s, head of research at the Research Institute of Socioeconomic Development...
A group of students sit at desks with computers.

Integrating tech in post-pandemic classrooms: Insights from teachers

As part of our work in the education sector, J-PAL Southeast Asia (J-PAL SEA) initiated a study with J-PAL affiliated professors and coauthors to evaluate the impact of a teaching method that integrates technology and interactive student-centered teaching to improve students’ math outcomes. As part...
Gustavo Bobonis in front of fence and trees

Affiliate Spotlight: Gustavo J. Bobonis on advancing evidence generation and use in Puerto Rico

In this Evidence Champion series, J-PAL North America is recognizing individuals in our network who have made extraordinary contributions to the field of evidence-based policymaking. This piece features the work of Gustavo J. Bobonis, our inaugural researcher recipient. Gustavo is a professor of...