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Food market in Malawi


The Impact of Existing Account Usage on the Likelihood of Switching Accounts in Malawi

Jessica Goldberg , Xavier Giné

Researchers partnered with a local bank to learn how customers chose between two account types—an account that had been offered for many years, which carried high monthly fees but no individual transaction costs, or a new type of account that charged for each withdrawal but did not impose monthly maintenance fees. Customers without an existing account recognized the advantages of the new type of...


The Impact of Financial Incentives for Traditional Birth Attendants on Postnatal Care Use in Nigeria

Margaret McConnell, Jessica Cohen , Adanna Chukwuma, Chinyere Mbachu, Thomas Bossert

Researchers evaluated whether giving traditional birth attendants (TBAs) cash incentives for maternal postnatal referrals can increase uptake of skilled maternal postnatal care. Cash rewards increased referrals made by TBAs by 182 percent and more than tripled the proportion of clients that attended postnatal care.

Crime, Violence, & Conflict, Health, Political Economy & Governance

The Impact of Priming Adverse Events on Reports of Depression in Nigeria

Julian Jamison , Kevin Robert McGee, Gbemisola Oseni, Julie Perng, Ryoko Sato, Tomomi Tanaka, Renos Vakis

Researchers randomized the order of questions in a national survey to examine the effect of triggering memories of difficult events, such as conflicts, shocks, and death, on reported levels of depression across households in Nigeria. They found that having his/her painful memories triggered, respondents who experienced an adverse event were more likely to report symptoms of depression.

Education, Finance

The Impact of School Fee Loans on Educational Outcomes in Uganda

Researchers are evaluating the impact of a digital school fee loan, with and without a direct repayment incentive, on repayment rates, households’ well-being, and students’ educational outcomes.

Political Economy & Governance, Health

The impact of pay for performance in a multi-layered health system in Sierra Leone

Erika Deserranno, Philipp Kastrau, Gianmarco León-Ciliotta

While pay for performance programs have had promising effects on the job performance of frontline service providers, few studies have evaluated the effects of such programs on supervisors or managers within health systems. Researchers are evaluating the effect of incentivizing community health workers, their supervisors, or both on health service delivery and health outcomes.

Agriculture, Gender

Agricultural Information Diffusion through Social Networks and its Impact on Gender Inequality in Mali

Lori Beaman , Andrew Dillon

Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation in Mali to study the role of giving information to different people within a network in the spread of that information. People who were social and more closely connected to those who were trained had more information.