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Rigorous testing of social policies in Europe: What are we learning?

Researchers in the J-PAL network have conducted over 80 ongoing or completed randomized evaluations of social programs and policies across 20 European countries, with a particular focus on education and labor markets. J-PAL Europe has launched a summary of insights generated from this research.
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Rigorously evaluating Europe’s climate change response

As part of a series on J-PAL’s expanding research on climate change issues, this post highlights the potential for using randomized evaluations to inform evidence-based climate policy in Europe.
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Affiliate Spotlight: Elise Huillery

Elise Huillery is a Professor of Economics at Paris Dauphine University. Her research focuses on policies addressing lack of education and the psychological barriers to individual progress out of poverty. From the humanitarian projects of her youth to the policy research she leads today, Elise...
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Catalyzing research partnerships: matchmaking from A to Z

At J-PAL, we help promote evidence-based policies by ensuring that decision-makers have access to scientific evidence on the questions that matter. But what spurs these research-policy connections in the first place?

Introducing the European Social Inclusion Initiative

Many programs and policies across Europe aim to tackle social and economic exclusion of migrants and refugees, but there is little evidence suggesting which approaches work and which do not. J-PAL Europe recently released a white paper that reviews three key levers of social inclusion in the Europe...

Adapting a new educational approach to francophone West Africa

Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) is an educational approach to help primary school students who have fallen behind to catch up by targeting instruction to their current learning level. J-PAL Europe and partner organizations are currently developing a pilot of this approach in Côte d’Ivoire.

How can we leverage partnerships to tackle development challenges? Insights from Community Jameel

  • Fady Mohammed Jameel
This year J-PAL Europe, with the backing of Community Jameel, aims to tackle social inclusion by focusing on the barriers to inclusion, including education and immigration.