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Risk Sharing in Peru

Dean Karlan , Markus Mobius, Adam Szeidl

Agriculture, Environment, Energy, & Climate Change

Paying for Environmental Services: An Experimental Study in Bolivia

In Bolivia, researchers are evaluating the effect of information provision and financial incentives on the adoption of environmentally friendly cattle management practices.

Students are taking a test in Santiago, Chile.


Examining the Effect of Information About Financial Aid for Higher Education on Schooling Outcomes in Chile

Claudia Martínez , Taryn Dinkelman

Researchers tested the effects of providing low-income students in urban Chile with information about financial aid for higher education on their educational attainment and their likelihood of progressing to higher education. A video informing students about financing higher education increased enrollment in college preparatory schools and increased school attendance, particularly among medium-...

Women selling produce from street stalls

Finance, Labor Markets

Training and Capital for Microentrepreneurs in Chile

Claudia Martínez , Jaime Ruiz-Tagle, Esteban Puentes

Researchers partnered with the Chilean Ministry of Social Development to evaluate a micro-entrepreneur training and cash transfer program in Chile. The program increased total employment, income, and positive business practices.

Environment, Energy, & Climate Change

Information Campaign to Reduce Plastic Bag Consumption in Supermarkets in Mexico

Dean Karlan, Jonathan Zinman , Jeremy Shapiro, Alberto Chong

More than 500 billion plastic bags are used every year, and in many cases they are only used once before becoming landfill waste or litter. Many developed and developing countries have adopted regulations to ban non-degradable bags or fees to reduce demand. This evaluation measured the impact of different in-store information campaigns on the consumption of plastic shopping bags and the sale of...