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Environment, Energy, & Climate Change, Political Economy & Governance, Firms

The Value of Regulatory Discretion: Estimates from Environmental Inspections in India

Researchers are evaluating the impact of making environmental inspections of high-polluting industrial plants more frequent and removing regulator discretion in selecting plants for inspection on regulatory compliance and pollution emissions in Gujarat, India.

Environment, Energy, & Climate Change

The Impact of an Effluent Trading Scheme on Water Quality in Urban India

Michael Greenstone, Nick Ryan, Rohini Pande , Nick Hagerty, Anant Sudarshan

Researchers are studying the impact of India’s first cap-and-trade system for wastewater on plants emissions’ decisions, water quality and the cost of regulation.

Group of men on the roof of a building installing solar panel

Environment, Energy, & Climate Change

Welfare Benefits of Decentralized Solar Energy for the Rural Poor in India

To evaluate the demand for solar electricity, and the welfare impacts of access to high quality lighting, researchers offered solar microgrid connections at different prices to households in rural areas of Bihar, India.

Environment, Energy, & Climate Change

The Impact of Prepaid Electricity Meters on Electricity Use and Utility Revenue in South Africa

Kelsey Jack , Grant Smith

Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation in Cape Town, South Africa to measure the effect of prepaid meters on households’ electricity use and utility revenue. They found that prepaid meters led households to reduce their electricity consumption, but helped the utility company recover more costs. These findings suggest that prepaid meters can play an important role in maintaining financial...

Electrician installing energy efficient lightbulbs

Environment, Energy, & Climate Change

The Impact of Energy Efficiency Messaging on Audit Takeup and Investment in Wisconsin

Energy efficiency programs are included in many climate mitigation strategies. Despite their potential environmental and monetary benefits, takeup of energy efficient investments has been limited to date.