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Formal Rainfall Insurance for the Informally Insured in India

Mark Rosenzweig

Researchers evaluated how informal insurance within Indian sub-castes affects the demand for formal rainfall insurance, and subsequent risk-taking among households employed in agriculture. Informal insurance both increased and decreased the demand for formal rainfall insurance, depending on the...

Reducing Barriers to Savings in Rural Malawi

Xavier Giné
Lasse Brune

Researchers analyzed the effect of reducing barriers to saving in rural Malawi on savings behavior, investment in agricultural inputs, and consumption. They found that farmers with access to formal savings accounts preserved greater amounts of savings throughout both the harvest and planting seasons...

Firm and Market Response to Saving Constraints: Evidence from the Kenyan Dairy Industry

Rocco Macchiavello

In response to lack of access to savings products, farmers often rely on informal savings mechanisms. But how much do farmers value these savings services?

The Impact of Video-Based and Decentralized Extension Services on Technology and Practice Adoption in Ethiopia

Denise Hörner
Adrien Bougen
Meike Wollni
The slow adoption of new agricultural technologies is an important factor in explaining persistent productivity deficits among smallholders in Sub-Saharan Africa. Researchers randomly evaluated the effects of a decentralized extension program and an additional video-based information campaign on...

The Impact of an Inventory Credit Program on Palm Oil Farmers in Sierra Leone

Researchers tested the effect of an inventory credit program that provided storage facilities and loans on palm oil farmers’ agricultural activities in Sierra Leone. Take-up and use of the storage and loans was low, and there was no impact on total storage or timing of sales.

Community Based Rangeland Management in Namibia

Julian Jamison
Tim O'Connor
In parts of southern Africa, environmental pressure on the land from over-grazing has contributed to land and water shortages and made communities more vulnerable to drought.

Providing Agricultural Inputs in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Sylvie Lambert
Margaux Vinez
Tanguy Bernard
In partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the World Bank, researchers are investigating how subsidizing the cost of and access to improved seeds affects smallholder farmers’ take-up of improved seeds, their short-term agricultural productivity, and...

The Impact of Agro-dealer Training on Input Adoption and Productivity Among Smallholder Farmers in Niger

In Niger, researchers evaluated the impact of a training program for input distributors (agro-dealers) on smallholder access to and use of agricultural inputs. Researchers found that trainings for agro-dealers combined with a demonstration plot increased the share of farmers adopting improved seeds...