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The Crime and Violence Initiative (CVI) fosters experimental research on crime and social and political violence. Crime and violence can hinder economic development and urban growth, and exacerbate governance challenges by fostering corruption and draining public sector resources. Given the wide reach of these adverse effects, the initiative funds evaluations that focus on preventing, mitigating, and responding to the effects of crime and violence.

By providing targeted funding for rigorous evaluations of the most promising programs, CVI aims to offer guidance for implementing organizations, governments, and donors, so that policies can be guided by scientific evidence to improve development outcomes.

CVI is currently not accepting proposals, including off-cycle proposals. When our next RFP opens, it will be announced here. CVI typically requests travel/proposal development grants, pilot studies, and full randomized evaluations that address the initiative's guiding principles and funding priorities. Each proposal is reviewed by the CVI Review Board.

CVI has traditionally offered opportunities for funding outside of the regular RFP cycles. These grants are intended for research projects that face a substantial time constraint and need to receive funding before the end of a regular funding round to make use of an unanticipated opportunity (e.g., a newly announced policy change that will go into effect soon, creating an opportunity for a randomized evaluation). Proposals must clearly justify the need to receive a decision on an expedited schedule. The maximum amount awarded to off-cycle proposals is $50,000. However, CVI is not currently accepting off-cycle proposals.

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Open to J-PAL affiliates, J-PAL postdocs, invited researchers, and PhD students who have a J-PAL affiliate or invited researcher on their thesis committee.


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Request for Proposals

J-PAL’s Crime and Violence Initiative is not currently accepting proposals. When our next request for proposals opens, it will be announced here and via email to eligible researchers. 

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Ana-Maria Colina, Senior Policy Associate

Aimee Barnes, Senior Policy Associate

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