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Ready for Boarding? The Effects of Boarding School for Disadvantaged Students in France

Luc Behaghel, Marc Gurgand , Clement de Chaisemartin, Axelle Charpentier

Boarding schools substitute school to home, but little is known on the effects this substitution produces on students. We present results of an experiment in which seats in a boarding school for disadvantaged students were randomly allocated. Boarders enjoy better studying conditions than control students. However, they start outperforming control students in mathematics only two years after...

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Supporting 18-25 Year-Olds Through Long-Term Mentoring Plus Financial Assistance in France (Pass' Accompagnement)

Bruno Crépon , Nicolas Studer, Vera Chiodi

In France, researchers are evaluating the effect of a financial independence and social integration program for young adults living in government-subsidized housing. They are analyzing its impact on the young adults’ professional lives, housing situations, financial independence, and general welfare.

Labor Markets

Professional Advising, Job Search Support and Apprenticeships for University Drop-Outs in France (AFIJ)

Bruno Crépon, Philippe Zamora , Pierre Cahuc, Florent Fremigacci

Between 2008 and 2011 unemployment rates increased steeply in many industrialized countries, disproportionately affecting young people with less education. In 2009, researchers tested the relative effectiveness of different employment services targeted at university dropouts.

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Labor Markets

Facilitating Youth’s Access to Apprenticeships in Tulle (France), and Encouraging Youth to Complete Them

Researchers evaluated the effect of personalized counseling to French youth on finding an apprenticeship, completing it, and securing longer-term employment.

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Labor Markets

Discrimination in Hiring and Anonymous CVs in France (CV Anonymes)

Do anonymous resumes reduce discrimination against job candidates in France?

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Political Economy & Governance

The impact of alternative fundraising schemes on charitable giving in Germany

Imran Rasul , Steffan Huck, Andrew Shephard

Nonprofits raise large amounts of money through fundraising and charitable giving every year. However, little is known about the best practices for attracting donations. Researchers partnered with the Munich Opera House to conduct a randomized evaluation measuring the impact of a large-scale mail fundraising scheme on the frequency and amount of donations. While neither the presence of a lead...