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Children in a classroom in Indonesia.

Finance, Health, Education

The Medium-Term Impact of Conditional Cash Transfers on Health and Education in Indonesia

Rema Hanna, Benjamin A. Olken , Nur Cahyadi, Rizal Adi Prima, Elan Satriawan, Ekki Syamsulhakim

Researchers examined the medium-term impacts of a large-scale CCT program on health, education, and employment outcomes in Indonesia. Six years following the introduction of cash transfers, the program resulted in improvements in health and education, including large reductions in stunting, improved immunization rates, increased usage of trained health professionals, and increased school...


The Impacts of Labeling Remittances on Migrants and Their Households in the Philippines

Dean Yang , Giuseppe De Arcangelis

Remittances are one of the largest sources of financial flows to low- and middle-income countries, and researchers and decision-makers are interested in ways to increase their development impact. One promising approach is enabling migrants to label the remittances that they send home for a specific purpose, such as education or business activities.

Finance, Gender

The Impact of Financial Education for Foreign Domestic Workers in Singapore

Dean Yang , Rashmi Barua, Gauri Kartini Shastry

Researchers evaluated the impact of a financial literacy program for Filipino domestic workers based in Singapore on their financial knowledge, behavior, savings, and remittances. While there was no evidence that being invited to join the program had any impact on financial knowledge or behavior, program invitees reported reductions in self-reported savings, as well as more disagreements with...