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Teens in school uniforms work on assignment

Education, Labor Markets, Gender

Returns to Secondary Schooling in Ghana

In this ongoing study in Ghana, researchers are evaluating the effect of secondary school scholarships on enrollment and long-term employment and health outcomes. Preliminary results indicate that the secondary school enrollment rate was significantly higher among scholarship recipients, suggesting that financial barriers may be a key reason that many Ghanaian youth who gain admission into...

Finance, Labor Markets

Small and Medium Enterprise Financing and Mentoring Services in Emerging Markets in the Dominican Republic

Antoinette Schoar , Alejandro Drexler

A simplified financial training based on “rules of thumb” improved business practices and outcomes among microentrepreneurs in the Dominican Republic, while standard, fundamentals-based accounting training produced no significant effect.

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Labor Markets, Gender

Moving to Opportunity or Isolation? Network Effects of a Slum Relocation Program in India

Researchers examined results of a housing lottery to measure the impact of relocation on slum residents. They found that offering subsidized suburban housing resulted in neither comprehensive take-up nor higher family income, suggesting that the benefits of improved housing were offset by the costs of isolation from slum-based social networks.

French man considers making a purchase

Labor Markets

Supporting 18-25 Year-Olds Through Long-Term Mentoring Plus Financial Assistance in France (Pass' Accompagnement)

Bruno Crépon , Nicolas Studer, Vera Chiodi

In France, researchers are evaluating the effect of a financial independence and social integration program for young adults living in government-subsidized housing. They are analyzing its impact on the young adults’ professional lives, housing situations, financial independence, and general welfare.

Labor Markets

Professional Advising, Job Search Support and Apprenticeships for University Drop-Outs in France (AFIJ)

Bruno Crépon, Philippe Zamora , Pierre Cahuc, Florent Fremigacci

Between 2008 and 2011 unemployment rates increased steeply in many industrialized countries, disproportionately affecting young people with less education. In 2009, researchers tested the relative effectiveness of different employment services targeted at university dropouts.

Young man and older man look at drawings taped to wall

Labor Markets

Facilitating Youth’s Access to Apprenticeships in Tulle (France), and Encouraging Youth to Complete Them

Researchers evaluated the effect of personalized counseling to French youth on finding an apprenticeship, completing it, and securing longer-term employment.