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The Impact of Improved Communication on Cal-Grant Take-Up Rates in the United States

Elizabeth Linos
Vikash Reddy
Jesse Rothstein
Researchers evaluated the impact of simplified award letters and different framing and messaging on students’ decision-making in their college selection process and uptake of financial aid. Researchers found that notification letters containing simplified and behaviorally informed language increased...

The Impact of Secondary School Exam Preparatory Courses on Student Education and Labor in Tanzania Among Out-of-School Youth

Ketki Sheth
James Ward Khakshi
In many countries, national exit exams can allow youth who are not in school to achieve secondary school equivalency, potentially impacting their ultimate educational attainment and labor market outcomes. Researchers are conducting a randomized evaluation to test the impact of offering stipends for...

The Impact of a School-Based Gender Attitude Change Program in India

Diva Dhar
Tarun Jain
A series of interactive classroom discussions about gender equality over two and a half years increased students’ support for gender equality and led students to enact more gender-equitable behavior in the state of Haryana, India.

Secondary School Scholarships to Increase Girls' Skill Development, Empowerment, and Job Opportunities in Niger

The Government of Niger, the National Institute of Statistics, and the World Bank partnered with researchers to evaluate the impact of secondary school scholarships for girls on skill development, empowerment, and job opportunities.

The Impact of Learning to Teach by Learning to Learn on Student Outcomes in Uganda

Vesall Nourani
Researchers, in partnership with Kimanya Ngeyo Foundation for Science and Education in Uganda, evaluated the impact of a program that trained teachers to learn like scientists: posing questions, framing hypotheses, and using real-world experience wherever possible. They explored how this approach to...

The Impact of Automated Writing Evaluation on Learning and Access to College in Brazil

Lycia Lima
Flávio Riva
Researchers are evaluating whether programs that use a natural language processing (NLP) and a machine-learning algorithm to score and comment on essays can improve learning and increase access to college for secondary students in public schools in Brazil.

The Impact of Daily Quizzing on Student Achievement in Kenya

Joost de Laat
Researchers are partnering with Bridge International Academies to evaluate the impact of daily quizzing on students’ learning outcomes in Kenya.

Empowering Girls in Rural Bangladesh

Nina Buchmann
Shahana Nazneen
Svetlana Pimkina
Iman Sen
Researchers evaluated the impacts of a conditional incentive program and an adolescent empowerment program on adolescent marriage, teenage childbearing, and education in rural Bangladesh. They found that offering incentives conditional on delayed marriage was an effective way to reduce child...