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The Impact of Online Lesson Plans on Student Learning in the United States

Alexey Makarin
Researchers evaluated the impact of providing teachers with access to high-quality online lessons and implementation support on student achievement in mathematics. Providing teachers with access to the lessons, reminders, and implementation support significantly increased student achievement.

The Effects of a Gender-based Violence (GBV) Curriculum on GBV and Education in Mozambique

Sofia Amaral
Aixa Garcia-Ramos
Sarita Ore-Quispe
In Mozambique, researchers are evaluating the GBV and schooling impacts of implementing a GBV curriculum targeted at students.

School's Out: How Summer Youth Employment Programs Impact Academic Outcomes (in Boston)

Richard Paulsen
Researchers evaluated the impact of Boston’s Summer Youth Employment Program, which uses a lottery to provide youth with part-time work and skills training during the summer, on students’ educational outcomes. The program significantly increased high school graduation rates among participating...

The Impact of Education Technology and Teacher Training on Student Learning in India

In partnership with Avanti Fellows, this study evaluates the impact of the Sankalp program, which provides teachers with resources and training to blend their instruction with video-based learning materials, on student’s math and science test scores.

Personalized Pathways to Successful Community College Transfer: Leveraging machine learning strategies to customized transfer guidance and support

Benjamin Castleman
Kelli Bird
Researchers are designing and evaluating the impact of a program that provides personalized guidance, reminders, and information to community college students on four-year institution transfer rates in Virginia.

Improving Access to Information to Facilitate Moves to Opportunity

Eric Chan
Adam Kapor
Researchers added school-quality information onto housing listings on the (formerly GoSection8) website, the largest provider of housing listings for HCV recipients, to evaluate the impact on families search for housing and their residential locations. The researchers found...

Letters of Recommendation for Youth Employment in the United States

Researchers are working with SYEP employers to create personalized letters of recommendation for SYEP participants to evaluate the impact of recommendation letters on participants’ educational and employment outcomes after the program.

Preventing Homelessness Among Youth and Families with Children

Researchers are evaluating the impact of case management and immediate financial assistance compared to only financial assistance on housing and health outcomes for youth and families with children.