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Revealing Stereotypes about Immigrant Students to Middle School Teachers in Italy

Researchers evaluated the impact of informing middle school teachers in Italy about their implicit stereotypes towards immigrant students on end-of-year grading. Both math and literature teachers eligible to receive feedback before the end-of-the-year grading gave higher grades to immigrant students...

Teaching Students Perspective-taking to Mitigate Social Exclusion of Refugee Children in Turkey

Mert Gumren
Elif Kubilay
Researchers partnered with the Ministry of Education in Turkey to conduct a randomized evaluation of Understanding Each Other, a program which aims to foster social cohesion through perspective-taking activities that encourage students to consider others’ perspectives. They found that the program...

The Role of Students' Mindset in Improving Educational Outcomes in France

Adrien Bouguen
Axelle Charpentier
Coralie Chevallier
Elise Huillery

Providing Job Search Information to Improve Job Seekers' Employment and Earnings in Germany

Steffen Altmann
Florian Zimmermann
Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to test the impact of providing recently unemployed individuals informational brochures about job search strategies that motivated an active search on their labor market outcomes. Providing informational brochures improved the employment and earnings of...

Applying Behavioral Insights to Improve Tax Enforcement in Poland

Nina Mazar
Roberto Claudio Sormani
In partnership with the Polish Tax Office, researchers conducted a nation-wide randomized evaluation to test the impact of sending tax enforcement letters with behavioral messages on tax compliance among delinquent taxpayers. The results indicate that behavioral letters significantly improved tax...

Assessing the effect of conditional cash transfers on pregnancy outcomes in France

Marc Bardou
Xavier Carcopino-Tusoli
Catherine Deneux-Tharaux
Philippe Deruelle
Muriel Doret-Dion
Astrid Eckman-Lacroix
Frédérique Falchier
Isabelle Fournel
Aurélie Godard-Marceau
Ghada Hatem-Gantzer
Laurent Laforet
Nicolas Meunier-Beillard
Mathieu Morin
Franck Perrotin
Tiphaine Raia-Barjat
Isabelle Le Ray
Thomas Schmitz
Elise Thellier

Monetary Transfers to Disadvantaged Youth in France (RCA)

Romain Aeberhardt
Vera Chiodi
Mathilde Gaini
Léopold Gilles
Nelly Guisse
Augustin Vicard
Researchers evaluated whether a conditional cash transfer targeted to youth aged 18 to 23 could encourage participation in a job placement program and ultimately help them secure longer-term, higher-paying positions. The cash transfer increased participation in the job placement program but did not...