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Why do citizens become politicians? Experimental evidence on candidacy in Pakistan

Saad Gulzar
Yasir Khan
In this evaluation, researchers examined whether people can be encouraged to run for a local political office, the motivation to become politicians, and the role social context plays in the candidacy decision. The objective is to understand how politics can be made to service the interests of local...

Improving Take-Up of Tax Benefits in the United States

Saurabh Bhargava

In the United States, many people who are eligible for social and economic benefits do not claim those benefits. Researchers partnered with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to test the effectiveness of different messages to taxpayers designed to encourage them to claim certain tax benefits.

Commitment Contracts for Smoking Cessation in the United States

Daren Anderson
Amanda Kowalski
Jody Sindelar
This study will examine whether a combination of positive and negative commitment devices can induce long-term smoking cessation in smokers from a low-to-moderate income background in Connecticut.

Participatory Development and Social Preferences: Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh

Serena Cocciolo
Selene Ghisolfi
Researchers are conducting a lab-in-the-field study to measure the impact of a community-driven development program in Bangladesh on participants’ preferences and values about fairness, equity, civic engagement, and participatory decision-making.

The Impact of Simplifying Pension Statements in Colombia

Mariano Bosch
Jake Kendall
Gustavo Caballero
María Teresa Silva-Porto
Lukas Keller
Kyle Holloway
Dayana Tellez
Researchers in Colombia partnered with Colpensiones, Colombia’s public pension fund administrator, to test the effect of redesigning pension statements on the beneficiaries' understanding of the information presented and the identification of potential errors in their statements.

The Impact of Assignment to Different Managed Care Organizations on Medicaid Spending and Health Care Use in the United States

Craig Garthwaite
Researchers are conducting a randomized evaluation to test the relative impact of assignment to different MCOs on health care utilization and expenditure.