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Revealing Stereotypes about Immigrant Students to Middle School Teachers in Italy

Researchers evaluated the impact of informing middle school teachers in Italy about their implicit stereotypes towards immigrant students on end-of-year grading. Both math and literature teachers eligible to receive feedback before the end-of-the-year grading gave higher grades to immigrant students...

The Impact of Targeted Teaching on Secondary School Learning Outcomes in India

Sabrin Beg
Anne Fitzpatrick
Khandker Wahedur Rahman
Researchers evaluated a secondary school readiness program, Utkarsh, that provided targeted instruction to students in Odisha, India.

Providing information on wood heating to decrease indoor air pollution in France

Coralie Chevallier
Rita Abdel Sater
Mathieu Perona
Researchers evaluated the impact of a program in France that monitored indoor pollution and informed households of the negative effects of wood heating. Overall, the program led to a reduction in the usage of wood heating but only for households who received personalized feedback on their pollution...