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Firm and Market Response to Saving Constraints: Evidence from the Kenyan Dairy Industry

Rocco Macchiavello

In response to lack of access to savings products, farmers often rely on informal savings mechanisms. But how much do farmers value these savings services?

Providing Female Garment Workers with Soft Skills Training for Professional Advancement in Bangladesh

Hannah Uckat
By comparing the impacts of soft skills training, a combination of soft and hard skills training, and no training, researchers seek to determine whether soft skills training alone is an effective and efficient way to increase the numbers of promotions offered to women and prepare women to be strong...

The Impact of Assignment to Different Managed Care Organizations on Medicaid Spending and Health Care Use in the United States

Craig Garthwaite
Researchers are conducting a randomized evaluation to test the relative impact of assignment to different MCOs on health care utilization and expenditure.

Examining employer race-based discrimination before and after Ban the Box

Sonja Starr
To better understand the connection between BTB policies and racial discrimination in hiring, researchers tested the impact of applicant race and criminal history on hiring decisions both before and after BTB policies came into effect in New Jersey and New York City. The results confirmed that...