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Labor Markets

Counseling the Unemployed in France (OPP/CVE)

An intensive counseling program for job seekers at risk of long-term unemployment in France helped them find work sooner than the standard low-intensity counseling program, and the counseling was more effective when provided by a public agency than by private contractors.

Labor Markets

Counseling Welfare Recipients in Hauts de Seine, France

Bruno Crépon, Marc Gurgand , Thierry Kamionka, Laurent Lequien

Researchers sought to test whether intensive job-counseling with a private provider is an effective means of increasing employment rates, even for a population with such a low attachment to the labor market. Results suggested that job-counseling increased employment rates among counseled individuals, and somewhat reduced their dependence on welfare.

A job counseling session in Paris, France.

Labor Markets

Counseling and Job Placement for Young Graduate Job Seekers in France (Jeunes Diplômés)

Career counseling for young, college-educated job seekers in France helped them find work sooner, but this improvement came at the expense of jobs for those who did not receive counseling, and it did not translate into a long-term increase in employment rates.

High school students in career mentoring program in France

Labor Markets

Career Mentoring for Secondary Students in France (Actenses)

Luc Behaghel, Marc Gurgand , Vera Chiodi

Researchers examined the impact of the Mentoring Assistance and Orientation program on academic achievement, job market knowledge, and career-related goals for 2,500 students in 22 high schools. Overall, the mentoring program changed student’s academic ambitions, but had no impact on their professional plans, knowledge about the professional world, or motivation for schoolwork.

Youth entrepreneur working at shoe business in France

Finance, Labor Markets

Small Business Training and Loans for Aspiring Entrepreneurs in Disadvantaged Neighborhoods in France (ADIE)

Investigating how coaching, guidance and financial support can help young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods in France create and sustain independent businesses.

Engaging in a group meeting, France.


Awareness Campaigns for Parents of Middle School Students in France

Marc Gurgand, Eric Maurin , Nina Guyon, Francesco Avvisati

Researchers in France evaluated the impact of a series of informational meetings with education officials on parents’ involvement and their children’s behavior and performance at school. They found that parents became substantially more involved, and all children (even those whose parents were not invited to meetings) were truant less often, displayed a better attitude in class, and were less...