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Political Economy & Governance, Finance

Transaction Costs in Charitable Giving in Germany

Imran Rasul , Steffan Huck

Researchers partnered with the Bavarian State Opera House in Germany to evaluate the impact of a variety of communications strategies on the frequency of donations. They found that including a pre-filled bank transfer form in the letter substantially increased the response rate, perhaps because this lowered the effort required to make a donation.

Teacher scrawling notes on his flipchart

Labor Markets

Labor Market Training for the Unemployed in Denmark

Michael Rosholm , Lars Skipper

Researchers evaluated the impact of a vocational training program in Denmark on employment and wages. They found that vocational training temporarily increased unemployment among participants, and had no significant impact on wages.

Paris, France, 2009


School Communication Strategies and School Outcomes in France

Eric Maurin, Marc Gurgand , Francesco Avvisati, Nina Guyon

In France, researchers evaluated the impact of various school communication strategies designed to encourage parents to participate in their children’s schooling. They found that personalized invitations increased parental participation in school meetings, especially for parents of low-performing children and from poor socio-economic backgrounds.


Information and Referrals at the End of Middle School, France

Eric Maurin, Marc Gurgand , Dominique Goux

Researchers evaluated the effects of a program designed to improve parental knowledge about students’ opportunities at the end of middle school on schooling decisions and dropout behavior. The program helped parents and their children make more realistic educational choices, reducing grade repetition and high-school dropouts.


Avoiding Injuries at Home for Older People in France

Bruno Crépon , Lucile Romanello, Simon Beck

Accidents such as falls remain a major cause of injury, loss of self-sufficiency, and death among the elderly. Evidence suggests preventive safety adaptations at home can help reduce the risk of falling, yet few people make those investments.

Labor Markets

Groupements de Créateurs: Encouraging Youth Entrepreneurship in France

Bruno Crépon, Elise Huillery, William Parienté , Nila Ceci-Renaud, Yann Algan

Researchers evaluated the effect of a program that aimed to develop the autonomy and decision-making skills of young people on their ability to launch a venture in France.