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Education, Political Economy & Governance

Teacher and Student Motivation, Family Participation, and Student Achievement in Rural Udaipur, India

Researchers are studying the relationship between teacher and student motivation, family participation, and student achievement in rural non-formal education (NFE) centers.

Political Economy & Governance, Crime, Violence, & Conflict

Police Performance and Public Perception in Rajasthan, India

Better training and longer job postings improved police performance and public perceptions of the police force.

Children in shalwar kameez stand outside of mud building

Education, Gender

Expanding Educational Opportunities through a Public-Private Partnership in Pakistan

Leigh Linden , Felipe Barrera-Osorio, David Blakeslee, Matthew Hoover, Dhushyanth Raju, Stephen P Ryan

Many developing countries have prioritized expanding access to primary school to fulfill the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of universal primary education by 2015. Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to measure the impact of publicly-funded private primary schools on student enrollment in rural Pakistan. The private school program significantly increased school enrollment, but did...

Three women in saris look at paperwork with Bandhan staff

Finance, Health, Gender

Graduating the Ultra-Poor in India

Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo , Jeremy Shapiro, Raghabendra Chattopadhyay

Recent support for livelihoods programs has spurred interest in evaluating whether comprehensive “big push” interventions may allow for a sustainable transition to self-employment and a higher standard of living. To test this theory, in six countries researchers evaluated a multi-faceted approach aimed at improving long term income of the ultra-poor. They found that the approach had long-lasting...


Flexible Repayment Schedules for Dairy Clients in India

Dean Karlan, Sendhil Mullainathan , Kristina Czura

Flexible repayment schedules may prove beneficial in impacting client households’ investments and income generation activities, but only if the loan is tailored to the intended loan purpose.