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Does Continuous Professional Development Improve Teaching at the Right Level in Zambia?

Nico Vromant
Researchers are evaluating the impact of the “Teaching at the Right Level” program on students’ foundational literacy and mathematics skills.

Secondary School Scholarships to Increase Girls' Skill Development, Empowerment, and Job Opportunities in Niger

The Government of Niger, the National Institute of Statistics, and the World Bank partnered with researchers to evaluate the impact of secondary school scholarships for girls on skill development, empowerment, and job opportunities.

Shaping Educational Careers of Immigrant Children: Motivation, Cognitive Skills and Teachers’ Beliefs in Italy

Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to measure the impact of an academic tutoring and career counseling program designed to reduce educational inequalities between native-born and immigrant children. Can tutoring and career counseling help improve the educational outcomes of high-ability...

The Impact of School-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on High School Dropout Rates in Mexico

Ciro Avitabile
Janina Cuevas
Rafael de Hoyos
In Mexico, researchers evaluated a math tutoring intervention and a cognitive behavioral therapy-based (CBT) program that aimed to encourage students to slow their decision-making processes and to improve academic readiness for secondary school students at risk of dropping out. The study found mixed...

Improving Immunization Rates Through Regular Camps and Incentives in India

In rural Rajasthan, India, researchers evaluated whether improving access to vaccines via immunization camps could increase immunization rates, and whether additionally offering a non-financial incentive such as lentils could further increase rates. They found that providing incentives alongside...

Employing Social Networks to Improve Job and Mental Health Outcomes Among Women Migrants in India

Researchers are launching a randomized evaluation to explore the impact of interventions that foster friendships and enhance problem solving skills on the mental health and labor market outcomes of young women working in a garment factory.

Encouraging Technology Adoption in Agriculture through Recommendations and In-Kind Transfers to Smallholder Farmers in Mexico

In Mexico, researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to test the effect of providing plot-specific or general soil quality analyses and input recommendations, agricultural extension services, and flexible or inflexible in-kind grants on smallholder farmers’ adoption and knowledge of improved...

Sick Leave Reminders and Worker Health in Bangladesh

Laura Boudreau
Khandker Wahedur Rahman
Researchers working with a large apparel maker in Bangladesh are evaluating the impact of phone call reminders sharing information about their employer’s support for workers to use their company's paid sick leave to increase worker retention.