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Encouraging Interregional Contact to Foster National Identity in Spain

Christopher Roth
Researchers evaluated the long-run effects of temporary contact between individuals from different regions during military service on interregional attitudes and national identity sentiments among former Spanish male conscripts. Overall, conscription outside of one’s region of origin led to positive...

The Impact of Free Dental Health Services on Employment in Chile

Cristián Larroulet
Andrea Repetto
Researchers evaluated the impact of access to a package of free dental services on employment levels for urban residents of Santiago, Chile. Results found that participants with access to these services had better dental health, and that self-esteem and short-term employment increased among women...

Leveraging Teacher Incentives to Improve Student Performance and Reduce Dropout in Uganda

Daniel O. Gilligan
Naureen Karachiwalla
Ibrahim Kasirye
Derek Neal
Researchers evaluated whether an alternative teacher incentive scheme, providing rewards based on the performance of all students, could help reduce dropout and improve student performance. Implementing the incentive scheme improved teacher effort. In schools with math books, the incentive scheme...

The Impact of Agro-dealer Training on Input Adoption and Productivity Among Smallholder Farmers in Niger

Adam Mamadou
Isaac Osei-Akoto
In Niger, researchers evaluated the impact of a training program for input distributors (agro-dealers) on smallholder access to and use of agricultural inputs. Researchers found that trainings for agro-dealers combined with a demonstration plot increased the share of farmers adopting improved seeds...

The Impact of a Quiz-Style Information Campaign on Covid-19 Prevention in Ghana

Susan Athey
Angela Duckworth
Erika Kirgios
Michael Luca
Katherine Milkman
Molly Offer-Westort
Researchers are measuring the impact of a quiz-style information strategy on people’s learning and adherence to Covid-19 health protocols. This study is part of a three-country research program in Ghana, the US, and Zambia aiming to find evidence on the best strategies to communicate health measures...

The Impact of a Peer Information Sharing Strategy to Combat the Spread of Covid-19 in Zambia

Alfredo Burlando
Pradeep Chintagunta
Melissa Graboyes
Peter Hangoma
Abel Kabalo
Mazyanga Liwewe
Mario Macis
Researchers are measuring the impact of a peer information sharing strategy on people’s learning and adherence to Covid-19 health protocols. This study is part of a three-country research program in Zambia, Ghana, and the US aiming to find evidence on the most effective strategies to communicate...

Biased Beliefs and the Dynamic Role of Information in College Choice in Chile

Researchers are conducting a randomized evaluation in Chile to study the impact of altering high school students’ beliefs about the returns of college degrees on their decisions to invest in college preparation and which program they choose.

Offering Cash and In-Kind Transfers to Grow and Sustain Microenterprises in Sri Lanka

Suresh de Mel
David McKenzie
Researchers provided small one-time grants to microenterprises in Sri Lanka to measure the impact of the additional capital on business profits two and five years later. They found that cash and in-kind grants increased business profits for male owners in the short and long term, but did not lead to...