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Mitigating the Economic and Mental Health Impacts of Covid-19 in India

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected health systems and economies across the world. Low-income communities have experienced particularly detrimental impacts, as a lack of financial stability further exacerbated augment the crisis. In partnership with the mental health care center SCARF, researchers...

Technology Adoption Under Uncertainty: Take-Up and Subsequent Investment in Zambia

Jacob Geray
Technology adoption often requires investments over time. As farmers realize new information about the costs and benefits of investments, they may abandon the newly adopted technology shortly after. Researchers partnered with the non-governmental organization Shared Value Africa and Dunavant Cotton...

Pass Accompagnement

Clémence Kieny
Vera Chiodi
Gregory Fauerbach
In France, researchers evaluated the effect of a financial independence and social integration program for young adults living in government-subsidized housing. They analyzed its impact on the young adults’ professional lives, housing situations, financial independence, and general welfare.

Financial Inclusion for the Rural Poor Using Agent Networks

Sophie Ayling
Gregory Dobbels
Ursula Aldana
Sebastian Galiani
Felipe Eduardo Yupa Vereau
Zahra Niazi
Jaime Ramos Duffaut
Laura Burke
Adam Kemmis Betty
Alberto Chong
Cecilia Flores
Elba Roo
Edgar C_rdova Ram_rez
Andrea Sanchez
Cecilia Milagros Doig Valdiviezo
Iliana Custodio
Marco Antonio Marticorena Garcia
Angela Bravo
Luis Alvaro Tello Z_maran
Claudio Edmundo Sarmiento Molina
Hermes Jonathan Bazan Mendez
Juan Manuel Hernandez Agramonte
Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation in rural Peru to assess the impact of providing a workshop designed to foster trust in banks on participants’ levels of trust, financial literacy, and saving and account use patterns of cash transfer recipients. Overall, participants who were offered the...

Roots and Remedies: Persistent poverty and violence amongst urban street youth in Liberia

Shammi Quddus
Laura Burke
Margaret Sheridan
Richard Peck
Andrew Kaiser-Tedesco
Philip Blue
Joe St Clair
Colombine Peze-Heidsieck
Yuequan Guo
To understand the long-term effectiveness of CBT among adults, researchers evaluated the impact of a short-term CBT program and the distribution of unconditional cash transfers on the behavior of high-risk young men in Liberia. CBT reduced criminal behavior among participants both in the short run...

An Adaptive Targeted Field Experiment: Job Search Assistance for Refugees in Jordan

Grant Gordon
Maximilian Kasy
Soha Shami
Alex Teytelboym
Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation that introduced an adaptive targeted treatment assignment methodology to measure the impact of providing different types of job search assistance on job search rates and labor outcomes for Syrian refugees and local jobseekers in Jordan. While none of the...

Mobile-izing Savings - Evaluating a Phone-Based Defined-Contribution Account

Jeff Mosenkis
Beniamino Savonitto
Dimitri Berenstein
Pooja Wagh
Galen Murray
In partnership with a mobile network operator launching a new phone-based savings account, researchers evaluated the role of defaults and financial incentives on savings decisions. Two months after the launch of the phone-based savings account, the company’s employees randomly assigned a default...