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The Impact of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Cash Transfers on High-Risk Young Men in Liberia

Margaret Sheridan
In many fragile states, poor young men with limited economic opportunities drive high rates of crime and violence, and are easily mobilized into destructive activities such as rioting and rebellion. A large body of largely observational evidence in psychology research in the United States...

The Role of Reference Letters and Skill Accreditation in the South African Labour Market

Martin Abel
Rulof Burger
Employers in the low-skill and entry-level job market often lack information on job seekers’ abilities, which can reduce interview invitations and job offers for job seekers, especially for disadvantaged groups such as women. Researchers partnered with the South African Department of Labour to...

Using Information Campaigns to Improve Covid-19 Health Awareness Among Rural Households in Bangladesh and India

Abu Siddique
Tabassum Rahman
Debayan Pakrashi
Firoz Ahmed
Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to test the impact of phone-based information campaigns on people’s knowledge about Covid-19 compliance with health guidelines in rural areas of Bangladesh and India. They found that disseminating information through both text messages and phone calls...

Can Mobile Phones Improve Take-up and Delivery of Maternal Cash Transfer Programs in India?

Giorgia Barboni
Charity Troyer Moore
Researchers are conducting a randomized evaluation to test whether a phone-based information service can increase take-up of India’s maternity cash transfer programs, and whether phone-based feedback can improve local-level program functioning and child health. Research ongoing; Results forthcoming...

Teachers’ traditional beliefs about gender negatively impact the academic performance of girls in Turkey

Seda Ertac
Ipek Mumcu
To better understand gender inequalities in academic achievement, choice of occupation, and labor market outcomes, researchers studied the effect of teachers’ beliefs about gender roles on student achievement in Istanbul, Turkey. Girls who were taught by teachers with traditional gender views had...

Introducing Financial Services to Native Amazonians in Bolivia

Ricardo Godoy
Margaret McConnell
Harry Patrinos
Centering on one native Amazonian society (Tsimane’) and partnering with a Bolivian non- profit, researchers evaluated the impact of providing Tsimane’ households with lockboxes on their savings activity, consumption, and well-being. Providing lockboxes increased household financial assets but had...

Increasing Financial Aspirations to Improve Financial Decision-Making and Outcomes in the Philippines

David McKenzie
Aakash Mohpal
Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to test whether encouraging entrepreneurs to raise their aspirations helped them improve their financial decisions and outcomes. The aspirations training led individuals to set higher savings goals, but most participants failed to achieve their goals.

Increasing Public Transportation for Higher Employment and Women's Empowerment in Pakistan

Kate Vyborny
Hadia Majid
Ammar Malik
Researchers are partnering with Lahore Transport Company (LTC), the public vehicle operation regulator, to introduce routes for small vehicles, known as wagons, that feed into a bus rapid transit system and will reserve a portion of wagons for women only. Researchers will evaluate the impact of...