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Expanding Banking Access to the Rural Poor in Kenya: Challenges and Opportunities

Pascaline Dupas, Jonathan Robinson , Sarah Green, Anthony Keats

Researchers examined the impact of access to banking services for the first time on households in rural Kenya. While savings account and credit usage rates were low overall because of poor service quality and low levels of trust in the institutions, access to the accounts helped some households rely less on family members outside the village and support one another more within the village.

Young people in a class in South Africa

Labor Markets

The impact of a job search planning intervention on job search efficiency and employment among youth in South Africa

Patrizio Piraino , Martin Abel, Rulof Burger, Eliana Carranza

While many factors contribute to high unemployment in South Africa, the time it takes for job seekers and employers to find good employment matches is one important component. In particular, job seekers often procrastinate in their job searches or are slowed down by the complexity of application processes. Yet, there is little rigorous evidence about how to make job searches more effective....


The Impact of Teaching Patience in the Classrooms on Student Decision-making and Behavior in Turkey

Sule Alan , Seda Ertac

Researchers introduced an educational program focused on teaching patience to evaluate the impact on students' decision-making and willingness to wait for a future reward over the present. Students assigned to the program demonstrated more patient decision-making, which persisted almost three years after the program.


The Impact of Social Connections on Firms’ Business Practices in Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Zambia

Marcel Fafchamps , Simon Quinn

Management practices differ substantially across firms. Small firms in emerging economies, in particular, do not always employ best business practices, often causing them to fall behind in terms of productivity. Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation in Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Zambia to measure whether generating social connections between manufacturing firm managers could lead to the...


TB Patients Incentives

Jessica Goldberg , Mario Macis, Pradeep Chintagunta