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Political Economy & Governance

Information Dissemination Campaign and Voters' Behavior in the 2009 Municipal Elections in Mexico

Dean Karlan, Leonard Wantchekon , Ana De La O, Alberto Chong

In order to examine whether offering more information to voters about their incumbents’ performance strengthens electoral accountability, researchers randomly assigned voting precincts to a campaign spreading information on corruption and public expenditure conducted one week before the 2009 municipal elections in Mexico. Providing incumbent corruption information not only decreased incumbent...

Political Economy & Governance

Politicians, Publicly-Released Audits of Corruption, and Electoral Outcomes in Brazil

Researchers evaluated how exposing information about corrupt politicians impacted election results in Brazil. Publicly released corruption audits in Brazil reduced reelection rates of corrupt incumbent municipal mayors.

Education, Finance, Labor Markets

Family Networks, Consumption, and Investment in Mexico

Imran Rasul, Marcos Rangel , Manuela Angelucci, Giacomo De Giorgi

Researchers studied a government-funded conditional cash transfer program to evaluate the impact of family networks on consumption and investment decisions for low-income households in Mexico. Food expenditure increased among both eligible connected households and ineligible households connected to families who were offered the program. Connected households increased their education investments...

Military officers in Argentina

Labor Markets, Political Economy & Governance, Crime, Violence, & Conflict, Gender

Military Conscription and Crime in Argentina

Researchers evaluated the effect of Argentina’s lottery-based conscription on draftees’ criminal activity. They found that conscription increased crime rates among draft-eligible Argentinians, especially those serving longer or during times of war.

Crime, Violence, & Conflict

Slum Housing Upgrading in El Salvador, Mexico, and Uruguay

Paul Gertler, Sebastian Galiani , Ryan Cooper, Raimundo Undurraga, Adam Ross, Sebastian Martinez

Researchers measured the impact of improving the quality of slum housing on household wellbeing in El Salvador, Mexico, and Uruguay. Slum upgrading was found to significantly improve satisfaction with quality of life. In two countries positive and significant effects are detected in child health.


Text Messages and Reminders to Save in Ecuador

Dean Karlan, Jonathan Zinman, Margaret McConnell , Dylan Ramshaw, Miguel Paredes

Working with a microfinance institution in Ecuador, researchers are investigating whether providing timely reminders to save via text message can help people save more.