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Fishermen in boats.

Environment, Energy, & Climate Change, Political Economy & Governance

Protecting Fisheries through Enforcement and Information Campaigns in Chile

Mushfiq Mobarak , Andres Gonzalez-Lira

Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to test the impact of enforcement visits to fish markets and a consumer information campaign on the illegal sale of hake fish. They found that both the information campaign and enforcement visits reduced hake availability and consumption.

Political Economy & Governance, Environment, Energy, & Climate Change

Replacing an inefficient policy of free agricultural electricity in India

Nick Ryan , Anant Sudarshan

Policymakers may continue economically inefficient policies for several reasons including subsidizing a particular sector, reducing inequities etc. These policies can reduce welfare for the population as a whole and in some cases can be replaced by more efficient alternatives that continue to serve policymaker goals.