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Buildings in King County, Washington

Health, Labor Markets, Education, Finance

Preventing Homelessness Among Youth and Families with Children

David Phillips, James Sullivan

Researchers are evaluating the impact of case management and immediate financial assistance compared to only financial assistance on housing and health outcomes for youth and families with children.

Labor Markets

Raising awareness about job training in Germany

Gerard van den Berg , Christine Dauth, Pia Homrighausen, Gesine Stephan

Researchers evaluated the effects of an information campaign on workers’ awareness of and participation in a program that subsidizes skills-building training in Germany. Results showed that the information campaign doubled workers’ awareness of the program on average, but had no effects on program take-up or on labor market outcomes one to two years later.

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Labor Markets, Firms

The Impact of Virtual and Face-to-Face Peer Networks on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in 49 Countries across Africa

Diego Ubfal , Fernando Vega-Redondo, Paolo Pin, Cristiana Benedetti-Fasil, Charles Brummitt, Gaia Rubera, Drik Hovy, Tommaso Fornaciari

Researchers compared the effects of face-to-face and virtual peer interaction on the submission and quality of business proposals by individuals from 49 African countries enrolled in an online entrepreneurship course. They found that face-to-face networks and the virtual interaction of groups of entrepreneurs of the same nationality increased the submission of business proposals to a funding...

Workers return home after a day of work

Labor Markets, Finance

The Impact of Migration Subsidies on Rural Labor Markets in Bangladesh

Mushfiq Mobarak , Agha Ali Akram, Shyamal Chowdhury

Researchers varied the proportion of travel grants offered to landless households in rural villages in Bangladesh to assess the impact of the grants on temporary migration and income during the agricultural lean season—one of the hardest economic times of the year due to drops in food affordability. Providing cash subsidies for seasonal migration not only benefited the migrants and their families...

Firms, Labor Markets, Education

The impact of an online entrepreneurial mindset training for youth in Ecuador

Bruno Crépon , Igor Asanov, Diego d'Andria, Thomas Astebro, Guido Buenstorf, Francisco Flores, Mona Mensmann, Mathis Schulte, David McKenzie

In Ecuador, researchers are evaluating whether these skills can be taught at scale and online by testing the effects of an entrepreneurial mindset training program on youth education and employment outcomes.

Crime, Violence, & Conflict, Firms, Labor Markets

Cognitive Behavioral Training to Improve Mental Health Among Conflict-Affected Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

Julian Jamison , Priyam Saraf, Tasmia Rahman

Mental health, well-being, and lasting economic outcomes are intimately connected, and in conflict-affected areas, entrepreneurs of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) experience chronic stress and poor mental health on a regular basis. Researchers evaluated the effects of supplementing a cash grants program with a five-week group cognitive behavioral training (CBT) program on depression,...