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The Nutritional Impacts of Quality Protein Maize in Ethiopia

Tessema Masresha
Nilupa S. Gunaratna
Hugo De. Groote
Katherine Donata
Demissie Belayneh
Inge D. Brouwer
Tefera Belachew
In Ethiopia, researchers seek to understand how encouraging households to grow a more nutritious maize variety and encouraging them to earmark the crop for children affects production, consumption, and childhood nutrition.

Strengthening Women’s Financial Control Through Personal Bank Accounts

Natalia Rigol
Charity Troyer Moore
In countries like India, female labor force participation is low despite rapid economic growth. In partnership with the government of Madhya Pradesh, researchers offered women individual bank accounts to evaluate the impact of increasing women’s financial control on labor market participation and...

Designing Performance Indicators for Career Incentives in China

In collaboration with the regional officials and a provincial research center focusing on local governance, researchers will test alternative performance evaluation schemes, ranging from the status quo of delegation to local officials with total discretion, to a transparent performance score based...

Improving Student Test Scores through Peer Learning during a Computer Assisted Learning Program in China

In China, students in districts with average incomes that are below the national average achieve lower levels of learning compared students in wealthier districts. Researchers introduced a computer-assisted learning program (CAL) to classrooms in Shaanxi Province to evaluate its impact on math test...

Boosting Academic Performance through Individualized Tutoring in Chicago Public High Schools

Philip Cook
Kenneth Dodge
George Farkas
Susan Mayer
Harold Pollack
Laurence Steinberg
Roseanna Ander
Roland Fryer
In Chicago, researchers evaluated an intensive two-on-one math tutoring program for 9th and 10th grade male students in public schools to assess the effectiveness of individualized instruction. Students who were randomly assigned to tutoring scored higher on math exams, earned better grades in math...

Paying for Environmental Services: An Experimental Study in Bolivia

In Bolivia, researchers are evaluating the effect of information provision and financial incentives on the adoption of environmentally friendly cattle management practices.

Water Testing Delivery Strategies to Reduce Arsenic Exposure through Safe Well Selection in Bangladesh

Ricardo Maertens
Kazi Matin Ahmed
Alexander van Geen
In Bangladesh, researchers evaluated the impact of different selling schemes on demand for water testing, and the impact of test results on switching to a safer well. Although group test sales and well safety placards increased substantially the likelihood that households switched to a possibly...

Tutoring and Career Counseling for High School Students in France (Talens)

Son Thierry Ly
Arnaud Riegert
If disadvantaged students lack information about their educational opportunities after high-school and the academic preparation they need to succeed in top universities, they may be less likely to apply to and attend these universities. Researchers tested the impact of a program that connected...