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Village phone operator testing her laptop's internet access in rural Uganda

Finance, Labor Markets, Gender

The Impact of Entrepreneurship Training for Women in Uganda

Dean Karlan , Meredith Startz

In Uganda, researchers are evaluating the effect of standardized business skills training on business performance as compared to more personalized mentoring services.

Finance, Labor Markets

The Impact of Training and Access to Capital for High-Potential Entrepreneurs in Colombia

In Colombia, Fundación Bavaria’s “Destapa Futuro” (Open the Future) program identifies promising enterprises and provides them with a suite of financial, technical, business, and training resources.

Education, Health, Labor Markets

Long-run and Intergenerational Impacts of Child Health Gains from Deworming in Kenya

Edward Miguel, Michael Kremer , Sarah Baird, Lia Fernald, Joan Hamory Hicks, Patricia Kariger

Researchers evaluated the short-run impacts of a mass school-based deworming program in western Kenya, and found that deworming substantially improved health and school participation of treated children, as well as of untreated children in treatment schools and children in neighboring schools. Approximately 10 years after treatment, researchers found that the program increased women’s educational...

Man working in a bakery near Barranquilla, Colombia.

Labor Markets

Vocational Training for Disadvantaged Youth in Colombia

Costas Meghir, Orazio Attanasio , Adriana Kugler, Carlos Medina, Arlen Guarín

Youth with low skill levels are less likely to be working and are particularly vulnerable to poverty. Training programs are a potential solution to this problem for individuals who are not in the formal schooling system. Researchers evaluated the effect of a vocational training program on participants’ earnings, formal sector employment, and educational outcomes, as well as the labor market and...

Indian men take a break from work

Labor Markets

The Impact of Social Networks on Job Referrals in India

In Kolkata, India, researchers tested whether using social networks for recruitment was an effective strategy for finding highly qualified candidates in a laboratory setting. They found that high-ability participants only referred high-skilled candidates when offered performance incentives, and low-ability participants failed to refer high-skilled candidates under any incentive structure.

Teacher scrawling notes on his flipchart

Labor Markets

Labor Market Training for the Unemployed in Denmark

Michael Rosholm , Lars Skipper

Researchers evaluated the impact of a vocational training program in Denmark on employment and wages. They found that vocational training temporarily increased unemployment among participants, and had no significant impact on wages.