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Slum housing in Mexico

Agriculture, Finance, Health

Investing Cash Transfers to Raise Long-Term Living Standards in Mexico

Paul Gertler , Sebastián Martínez, Marta Rubio-Codina

Researchers evaluated the impact of the Oportunidades CCT program in Mexico on recipients’ investments decisions and long-run poverty levels. They found that the cash transfers promoted long-term increases in consumption through investment in productive activities, enabling beneficiary households to achieve higher living standards that can be sustained even after transitioning off the program.

Three men talking over paperwork outdoors

Agriculture, Finance

Formal Rainfall Insurance for the Informally Insured in India

Mushfiq Mobarak , Mark Rosenzweig

Researchers evaluated how informal insurance within Indian sub-castes affects the demand for formal rainfall insurance, and subsequent risk-taking among households employed in agriculture. Informal insurance both increased and decreased the demand for formal rainfall insurance, depending on the extent to which informal and formal insurance covered individual losses.


Mobile Phone-Based Agricultural Extension in India

Shawn Cole , Asanga Nilesh Fernando

Researchers evaluated the impact of offering cotton farmers in Gujarat, India, toll-free access to agricultural information via mobile phone on their agricultural knowledge and practices. They found that farmers with access to the mobile phone-based information program used more effective pesticides and planted more cumin, which is a riskier but more lucrative crop.

Man walking in corn field

Agriculture, Finance

Innovative Finance for Technology Adoption in Western Kenya

Edward Miguel , Marshall Burke, Lauren Falcao Bergquist

Seasonal fluctuations in crop prices can have direct impacts on farmers’ earnings and savings. Crop prices are often lowest right after harvest, increasing substantially in the months afterwards, but farmers are not always able to take advantage of these price changes. Researchers evaluated whether well-timed access to credit allows maize farmers to make better use of storage and sell their...

Farmers consider their options in Gujarat, India

Agriculture, Finance

Marketing Rainfall Insurance in India

Shawn Cole , Sarthak Gaurav, Jeremy Tobacman

Researchers evaluated the impact of providing financial literacy education alongside various marketing strategies to small-scale farmers in Gujarat, India, on their demand for rainfall index insurance. Financial education had a significant effect on adoption of rainfall insurance, increasing take-up from 8 to 16 percent.