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Young people in a class in South Africa

Labor Markets

The impact of a job search planning intervention on job search efficiency and employment among youth in South Africa

Patrizio Piraino , Martin Abel, Rulof Burger, Eliana Carranza

While many factors contribute to high unemployment in South Africa, the time it takes for job seekers and employers to find good employment matches is one important component. In particular, job seekers often procrastinate in their job searches or are slowed down by the complexity of application processes. Yet, there is little rigorous evidence about how to make job searches more effective....


The Effects of a Universal Basic Income in Kenya

Tavneet Suri, Paul Niehaus, Abhijit Banerjee , Alan Krueger, Michael Faye

Researchers will partner with GiveDirectly in Kenya to evaluate both the short- and long-term effects of a long-term UBI on recipients’ economic status, time use, risk-taking, gender relations, and broader outlook on life.

Labor Markets

The Role of Reference Letters and Skill Accreditation in the South African Labour Market

Patrizio Piraino , Martin Abel, Rulof Burger

Researchers evaluated the impact of reference letters on employer response rates and on employment outcomes for unemployed young people. Including a standardized reference letter from a former employer increased callbacks from an application, especially for women, and it increased women’s employment rates.