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Education, Labor Markets

The Impact of Individualized Information on Teacher Loan Forgiveness Uptake in the United States

Brian Jacob , Damon Jones, Ben Keys

Teacher experience is a key factor in student learning, but many schools in the United States experience high rates of teacher turnover-especially schools serving low-income communities. One reason that retention may be low in these schools is that student loan debt is a significant burden for teachers. As a result, federal loan forgiveness programs may be an effective way of retaining teachers,...


Expanding Banking Access to the Rural Poor in Kenya: Challenges and Opportunities

Pascaline Dupas, Jonathan Robinson , Sarah Green, Anthony Keats

Researchers examined the impact of access to banking services for the first time on households in rural Kenya. While savings account and credit usage rates were low overall because of poor service quality and low levels of trust in the institutions, access to the accounts helped some households rely less on family members outside the village and support one another more within the village.


The Effects of a Universal Basic Income in Kenya

Tavneet Suri, Paul Niehaus, Abhijit Banerjee , Alan Krueger, Michael Faye

Researchers will partner with GiveDirectly in Kenya to evaluate both the short- and long-term effects of a long-term UBI on recipients’ economic status, time use, risk-taking, gender relations, and broader outlook on life.