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Books or Laptops? The Cost-Effectiveness of Shifting from Printed to Digital Delivery of Educational Content in Honduras

Rosangela Bando
Dario Romero Fonseca

Researchers partnered with the Honduran government to evaluate the impact of replacing textbooks with laptops on student learning. Using laptops resulted in no change in learning outcomes, suggesting that laptops could be a cost-effective substitute to textbooks if they can replace enough textbooks.

Peer Pressure and Educational Investments in the United States

To test whether students’ educational investments are affected by peer pressure, researchers offered high school students the opportunity to sign up for free access to an online SAT preparatory course. Some students were told that their decision to sign up would be public, and others were told that...

Closing the Word Gap with Big Word Club: Evaluating the Impact of a Tech-Based Early Childhood Vocabulary Program

Ariel Kalil
Susan Mayer
Researchers evaluated the Big Word Club, a classroom-based digital learning program designed to increase the vocabulary of young children, to assess the program’s impact on children’s receptive vocabulary. Researchers found that the Big Word Club increased students’ knowledge and retention of words...

The (Null) Impact of Tax Credit Information on College Enrollment in Texas

Peter Bergman
Jeffrey T. Denning
Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to test the impact of a large, information-only intervention about tax credits and financial aid for college on college application and enrollment. Information about tax credits did not influence reenrollment, reapplication, or enrollment, even for...

Intensive Case Management to Overcome Barriers to Self-Sufficiency in the United States

William Evans
David Philips
Javier Espinosa
Researchers are working with the City of Rochester and local social service providers to evaluate the Bridges to Success program, in which participants are paired with mentors who help them move towards economic self-sufficiency.

Improving Access to Information to Facilitate Moves to Opportunity

Eric Chan
Adam Kapor
Researchers added school-quality information onto housing listings on the GoSection8 website, the largest provider of housing listings for HCV recipients, to evaluate the impact on families search for housing and their residential locations. The researchers found that access to information changed...

The impact of case management on community college persistence and graduation in the United States

Brendan C. Perry
James X. Sullivan
At a community college in Fort Worth, Texas, researchers evaluated a comprehensive case management program called Stay the Course, which included mentoring and emergency financial assistance (EFA), and measured the impact of these services on students’ academic outcomes, including persistence in...