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A 20-year Follow-Up to an Early Childhood Stimulation Program in Jamaica

James Heckman
Rodrigo Pinto
Arianna Zanolini
Christel Vermeerch
Susan Walker
Susan Chang-Lopez
Sally Grantham-McGregor

Evaluating the Impact of Moving to Opportunity in the United States

Jeffrey Kling
Lisa Sanbonmatsu
Emma Adam
Greg J. Duncan
Ronald C. Kessler
Lisa A. Gennetian
Stacy Tessler Lindau
Thomas W. McDade
Joshua C. Pinkston
Robert C. Whitaker
Paul Hirschfield
Nathaniel Hendren

Learning the Value of Education in the Dominican Republic

Lucas Coffman
Daniel Morales
Christopher Neilson
Ryan Cooper

The Demand for and Costs of Rural Electrification in Kenya

Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to measure the impact of offering subsidies to connect to the power grid on the demand for rural electrification in Kenya. The study finds that demand falls rapidly as connection price increases, and that supply costs are very high.