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Student Coaching: How Far Can Technology Go?

Uros Petronijevic
Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to test the impact of three different coaching methods on academic outcomes: one-on-one in-person coaching, text messaging, and an online values and goals exercise. One-on-one coaching substantially improved student outcomes, while text messaging and the...

The Impact of Family Planning Training on Private Sector Health Care Performance in Nigeria

Jorge Ugaz
Anthony Leegwater
Minki Chatterji
Doug Johnson
Sikiru Baruwa
Modupe Toriola

Leveraging Teacher Incentives to Improve Student Performance and Reduce Dropout in Uganda

Adrienne Lucas
Daniel Gilligan
Naureen Karachiwalla
Ibrahim Kasirye
Derek Neal
Researchers are evaluating whether an alternative teacher incentive scheme, providing rewards based on the performance of all students, can help reduce dropout and improve student performance.

Teacher Rotation and Student Outcomes: Experimental Evidence from Uganda

Ernesto Dal Bo
Kizito Omala
David Schonholzer
Isabelle Cohen
In partnership with a rural district in Eastern Uganda, researchers are conducting a randomized evaluation to study whether rewarding top-performing teachers with a future posting of their choice incentivizes teachers to improve their attendance and the quality of their teaching.

Teaching Students Perspective-taking to Mitigate Social Exclusion of Refugee Children in Turkey

Ceren Baysan
Mert Gumren
Elif Kubilay
Researchers partnered with the Ministry of Education in Turkey to conduct a randomized evaluation of Understanding Each Other, a program which aims to foster social cohesion through perspective-taking activities that encourage students to consider others’ perspectives. They found that the program...