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Using Text Messages against Politicians with Criminal Charges in Elections in India

Yusuf Neggers
Sarika Ringwala
Siddharth George
Researchers studied whether sending voters voice and text messages containing information about candidates’ criminal charges affected candidates’ electoral support during the 2017 Uttar Pradesh state assembly elections in India. They found that it reduced total votes for candidates with serious...

The Impact of Informational Interventions on Health Insurance Take-up and Market Risk in the United States

Richard Domurat
Isaac Menashe
Researchers studied the impact of reminder letters addressing possible barriers related to information and behavior on insurance take-up, as well as their impact on health insurance market risk. The reminder letters reducing informational and behavioral barriers to enrollment increased insurance...

Improving Consumer Choices on Health Insurance Marketplaces in the United States

Timothy Layton
Keith Ericson
Jon Kingsdale
Researchers studied the impact of providing personalized and generic information about potential savings via letters and e-mails on enrollee health plan choices.

Clinical Decision Support for Radiology Imaging in the United States

Sarah Abraham
Sarah Reimer
Researchers studied the impact of a clinical decision support software system on high-cost imaging orders. They found that clinical decision support reduced the number of high-cost scans targeted by the software but did not change the total number of high-cost scans ordered.

Counseling Welfare Recipients in Hauts de Seine, France

Thierry Kamionka
Laurent Lequien
Researchers sought to test whether intensive job-counseling with a private provider is an effective means of increasing employment rates, even for a population with such a low attachment to the labor market.

Safe Cities: Improving the Citizen-Police Interface in Pakistan

Daron Acemoglu
James Robinson
Ali Cheema
Researchers partnered with the Punjab Safe Cities Authority to evaluate how to improve citizen’s access to and experience with police services.

Informing Policy with Research in Brazil

Jonas Hjort
Diana Moreira
Juan Francisco Santini
Researchers partnered with the National Confederation of Municipalities (CNM) in Brazil to evaluate policymakers’ demand for research findings and their interest in adopting evidence-informed policies. Policymakers were willing to pay for research findings and to subsequently update their beliefs...

Teaching Students Perspective-taking to Mitigate Social Exclusion of Refugee Children in Turkey

Ceren Baysan
Mert Gumren
Elif Kubilay
Researchers partnered with the Ministry of Education in Turkey to conduct a randomized evaluation of Understanding Each Other, a program which aims to foster social cohesion through perspective-taking activities that encourage students to consider others’ perspectives. They found that the program...