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Labor Markets

Targeting Labor Market Programs to Jobseekers Who Need Them Most in Switzerland

Markus Frölich , Stefanie Behncke, Michael Lechner

In many countries, there has recently been an increased interest in targeting labor market programs to unemployed persons who would benefit the most from them. Researchers evaluated the impact of providing a statistical targeting system to case workers in government employment agencies on their choice of labor market programs for jobseekers. Results showed that caseworkers largely ignored the...


Assessing the effect of conditional cash transfers on pregnancy outcomes in France

Esther Duflo, Bruno Crépon , Marc Bardou, Anne-Claire Bertaux, Aurélie Godard-Marceaux, Astrid Eckman-Lacroix, Elise Thellier, Frédérique Falchier, Philippe Deruelle, Muriel Doret, Xavier Carcopino-Tusoli, Thomas Schmitz, Thiphaine Barjat, Mathieu Morin, Franck Perrotin, Ghada Hatem, Catherine Deneux-Tharaux, Isabelle Fournel, Laurent Laforet, Nicolas Meunier-Beillard, Isabelle Le Ray

Women of lower socioeconomic status adhere to recommended prenatal care regimens at lower rates, which can have adverse effects on both maternal and newborn outcomes. Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to measure the impact a financial incentive of € 30 ($33.89) per visit per month on rates of treatment adherence and on health outcomes.

Labor Markets

Raising awareness about job training in Germany

Gerard van den Berg , Christine Dauth, Pia Homrighausen, Gesine Stephan

Researchers evaluated the effects of an information campaign on workers’ awareness of and participation in a program that subsidizes skills-building training in Germany. Results showed that the information campaign doubled workers’ awareness of the program on average, but had no effects on program take-up or on labor market outcomes one to two years later.

A teacher engaging with children as part of Parler Bambin


The Impact of an Early Childhood Program on Oral Language Development in France

Marc Gurgand , Clément de Chaisemartin, Sophie Kern, Quentin Daviot

Early childhood is a critical time for cognitive, social, and physical development. Inequalities in children’s language abilities can persist, serving as important indicators for later life outcomes. Researchers in France are evaluating the effect of an early childhood program aiming to improve teacher instruction on young children’s language learning. Results are forthcoming.