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A group of local village people in Bangladesh

Education, Health, Gender

Empowering Girls in Rural Bangladesh

Erica Field, Rachel Glennerster , Nina Buchmann, Shahana Nazneen, Svetlana Pimkina, Iman Sen

Child marriage is correlated with negative health and education outcomes around the world. Researchers evaluated the impacts of a conditional incentive program and an adolescent empowerment program on adolescent marriage, teenage childbearing, and education in rural Bangladesh. They found that offering incentives conditional on delayed marriage was an effective way to reduce child marriage,...

Finance, Gender

Microfinance Repayment Schedules in West Bengal, India

Erica Field, Rohini Pande , John Papp, Natalia Rigol, Jeannette Park

In India, less frequent micro-loan repayments did not increase defaults. A two-month grace period before beginning repayment raised the default rate slightly, but allowed entrepreneurs to invest more in their businesses, resulting in long term economic gains.

Finance, Labor Markets, Gender

Business Training for Women in Ahmedabad, India

Researchers offered two days of business training and assistance in identifying a medium-term financial goal to a random sample of women of different castes and religions in India. Women trained with a friend doubled their demand for loans and expanded their business activity, resulting in higher household income.

Political Economy & Governance

Campaigns to Influence Voting Behavior in Uttar Pradesh, India

Information campaigns which promote voting based on performance, rather than ethnic solidarity, reduces caste based voting in India. Providing objective report cards further allows better performing incumbents to enjoy electoral gains.

Environment, Energy, & Climate Change, Political Economy & Governance, Firms

Improving Third-Party Audits and Regulatory Compliance in India

Changing the market for environmental audits to incentivize accurate reporting in Gujarat, India made auditors more likely to report the truth about industrial plants’ pollution levels and, in response, industrial plants polluted less.

Agriculture, Finance

Demand for Rainfall Insurance in India

Shawn Cole , Daniel Stein, Xavier Gine, Jeremy Tobacman, Petia Topalova, Robert Townsend, James Vickery

In the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat, researchers tested how demand for weather insurance responded to different marketing schemes and price discounts. They found that demand was very price sensitive, but that poor understanding of the product, distrust of insurance agents, and liquidity constraints also limited take-up.