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Facilitating School-Parents Communication through SMS Technology in Chile

Taryn Dinkelman
Matias Busso
Samuel Berlinski
Researchers are testing the impact of increased teacher-parent communication via SMS messaging on parents’ involvement and youths’ education outcomes.

Clinical Decision Support for Outpatient High-Cost Radiology Ordering in the United States

Bruce Darrow
Joseph Kannry
Madhu Mazumdar
David Mendelson
Jesse Shapiro
Researchers are studying the impact of a clinical decision support system on the ordering of high-cost scans.

The Impact of a Nurse Home Visiting Program on Maternal and Child Health Outcomes in the United States

Annetta Zhou
Michelle Woodford
Researchers are studying NFP’s impact on a number of outcomes, including premature births, birth spacing, child injuries, and wellbeing across a wide range of domains.

The Impact of Contract Farming on High Yielding Seed Adoption in Ghana

Researchers are partnering with the Savanna Farmers Marketing Company (SFMC) to evaluate the impact of a contract farming program that encourages the uptake of new technologies on the adoption of high yielding seeds in northern Ghana.

The Impact of Street Police Patrolling on Crime Against Women in Public Spaces in India

Nathan Fiala
Sofia Amaral
Girija Borker
Anjani Kumar
Nishith Prakash
Maria Micaela Sviatschi
Researchers are partnering with the Hyderabad City Police in India to evaluate a hotspot policing program aimed at addressing sexual harassment in public spaces and improving women’s safety.

Leveraging social networks to improve female political participation in Pakistan

Saad Gulzar
Muhammed Yasir Khan
Researchers are partnering with the Center for Economic Research in Pakistan (CERP) and the Society for Sustainable Development (SSD) to evaluate the impact of social interactions around politics on women’s voter registration, voter turnout, and participation in local government in Pakistan.

The Impact of Improved Communication on Cal-Grant Take-Up Rates in the United States

Jesse Rothstein
Elizabeth Linos
Vikash Reddy
Researchers are investigating whether a simplified award letter can increase Cal Grant take up and whether different letter formats and language can impact students’ decision-making in their college selection process.

The Impact of Automated Writing Evaluation on Learning and Access to College in Brazil

Lycia Lima
Flávio Riva
Researchers are evaluating whether programs that use a natural language processing (NLP) and a machine-learning algorithm to score and comment on essays can improve learning and increase access to college for secondary students in public schools in Brazil.