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Comparing the Impacts of Industrial Jobs and Self-Employment in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, researchers randomly assigned mostly female jobseekers to receive an industrial job offer or an unconditional cash transfer, meant to spur self-employment. While they found positive impacts of the cash transfers on occupational choice, income, and health in the first year, these effects...

Providing Financial Incentives and Behavioral Nudges to Encourage Covid-19 Vaccine Uptake in the United States

Tom Chang
Mireille Jacobson
Rajiv Pramanik
Samir Shah
Researchers evaluated the impact of financial incentives, public health video messages, and access to a vaccine scheduling link on Covid-19 vaccination intentions and vaccine uptake in the United States. None of the interventions led to increases in vaccine uptake after thirty days.

The Impact of Involving Male Partners in a Women’s Entrepreneurship Program on Intimate Partner Violence in Uganda

Eric Green
Jeannie Annan
An evaluation of a microenterprise assistance program, with and without involving male partners, found that it improved women’s economic outcomes, but that depended on the quality of women’s relationships with their intimate partners. While the program had no impact on IPV, involving male partners...

Using Text Messages to Prevent the Spread of Covid-19 in India

Sebastian Bauhoff
Girija Bahety
Dev Patel
James Potter
Researchers tested whether reminders delivered via text message improved knowledge and adoption of social distancing and handwashing. They found no evidence that individuals changed their self-reported behaviors; this finding may highlight limited effectiveness of SMS-based information campaigns...

Revealing Discriminatory Hiring Practices by Major US Employers

Patrick M. Kline
Evan K. Rose
Researchers studied hiring discrimination among major employers in the United States by sending fictional resumes, with varying demographic information, to determine whether certain characteristics would lead to different follow-up contact rates. Employers were less likely to contact resumes with...

Women’s Empowerment Programming and Intimate Partner Violence in Democratic Republic of the Congo

Approximately one in three women worldwide have experienced intimate partner physical or sexual violence. Researchers are evaluating the impact of cash transfers and training on women’s empowerment and intimate partner violence (IPV) in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Using Cell Phones to Monitor the Delivery of Government Payments to Farmers in India

Researchers tested the impact of a cell phone-based monitoring system on the delivery of government-issued payments for farmers in Telangana, India. The system significantly improved the likelihood of farmers ever receiving their payments as well as receiving them on time, indicating improved...