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The Impact of Free Dental Health Services on Employment in Chile

Andrea Repetto
Researchers evaluated the impact of access to a package of free dental services on employment levels for urban residents of Santiago, Chile. Results found that participants with access to these services had better dental health, and that self-esteem and short-term employment increased among women...

Understanding Male Fertility Preferences in Zambia

Alessandra Voena
Researchers in Zambia evaluated the impact of teaching husbands about the dangers of maternal mortality on their acceptance of family planning methods.

Recruiting and Motivating Community Health Workers in Zambia

The Government of Zambia partnered with researchers to test the effect of two different recruitment strategies for a newly created healthcare position, the Community Health Assistant (CHA). One strategy emphasized career opportunities and the other emphasized the contributions one could make in the...

The Impact of Group-based Therapy and Cash Transfers on Adolescent Girls’ Mental Health and Economic Outcomes in Uganda

Researchers are conducting a randomized evaluation to test the impacts of group-based therapy with and without a one-time lump sum cash transfers on the mental health and employment outcomes of adolescent girls in Uganda.

Virtual and Face-to-Face Peer Interactions to Improve the Quality of Business Proposals among Entrepreneurs in 49 Countries across Africa

Fernando Vega-Redondo
Paolo Pin
Cristiana Benedetti-Fasil
Charles Brummitt
Gaia Rubera
Drik Hovy
Tommaso Fornaciari
Researchers compared the effects of face-to-face and virtual peer interaction on the submission and quality of business proposals by individuals from 49 African countries enrolled in an online entrepreneurship course. They found that face-to-face networks and the virtual interaction of groups of...

Providing School Report Cards to Improve Quality and Pricing of Education in Pakistan

Tahir Andrabi
In this study, researchers introduced report cards with child and school test scores to evaluate the impact on public and private schools’ cost, performance, and enrollment. The program reduced private school fees, improved test scores, and increased primary school enrollment.

Innovative Actions to Improve Student Integration in France (FRATELI)

Julien Grenet
Elise Pesonel
In France, researchers examined the effect of job-related mentoring and support for university students from low socio-economic backgrounds on their chances of finding employment after graduating. The program did not result in improved job search efforts, greater employment prospects, or better jobs...

Avoiding Injuries at Home for Older People in France

Simon Beck
Lucile Romanello
Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to understand whether providing information about the risk of accident and methods for prevention, or incentives to install home safety measures affect take-up of a home safety adaptations program. Cost reduction incentives and information disclosures...