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Examining employer race-based discrimination before and after Ban the Box

Sonja Starr
To better understand the connection between BTB policies and racial discrimination in hiring, researchers tested the impact of applicant race and criminal history on hiring decisions both before and after BTB policies came into effect in New Jersey and New York City. The results confirmed that...

Text message reminders decreased failure to appear in court in New York City

Brice Cooke
Binta Zahra Diop
Alissa Fishbane
Aurelie Ouss
Jonathan Hayes
Anuj Shah
Researchers partnered with policymakers in New York City to evaluate the impacts of a redesigned court summons form and text message reminders on failure to appear (FTA) in court. A randomized evaluation found that text message reminders were able to reduce FTA by up to 26 percent, translating to 3...

Understanding the Potential of Summer Jobs Programs for Youth in Philadelphia

Researchers are conducting a randomized evaluation to test the impact of being offered a summer job through Philadelphia’s WorkReady program on outcomes related to criminal justice involvement, employment, and education.

Scaling and Unpacking a Successful Summer Jobs Program

Recent studies have found that summer youth employment programs appear to generate large declines in the rates of violent crime—a significant finding for urban policymakers seeking to create safer, more vibrant cities.