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The Effects of Voluntary Regulation on a Nationwide Medicare Bundled Payment Reform in the United States

Liran Einav
Yunan Ji
Researchers evaluated the impact of the mandatory-participation bundled payment model for hospitals and explored which hospitals were incentivized to opt in to bundled payments after the model was later made voluntary. The mandatory-participation bundled payment program produced modest reductions in...

The Impact of Targeted Mailers to Re-Engage US Voters with Criminal Convictions

Jennifer L. Doleac
Laurel Eckhouse
Eric Foster-Moore
Allison Harris
Hannah Walker
Ariel White
Researchers evaluated the impact of targeted mailings encouraging people with criminal records to register to vote on voting behavior in North Carolina. Mailers increased both voter registration and general election turnout among people with past criminal convictions.

The Impact of a Nurse Home Visiting Program on Maternal and Early Childhood Outcomes in the United States

Slawa Rokicki
Samuel Ayers
Farah Allouch
Nicolas Perreault
Rebecca A. Gourevitch
Michelle W. Martin
Annetta Zhou
Chloe Zera
Michele Hacker
Alyna Chien
Researchers are evaluating the impact of an intensive nurse home visiting program for low-income mothers on pregnancy and birth outcomes, child health and development, and future life-courses for the family. The program had no effect on adverse birth outcomes; the other categories of outcomes are...

Providing Financial Incentives and Behavioral Nudges to Encourage Covid-19 Vaccine Uptake in the United States

Tom Chang
Mireille Jacobson
Rajiv Pramanik
Samir Shah
Researchers evaluated the impact of financial incentives, public health video messages, and access to a vaccine scheduling link on Covid-19 vaccination intentions and vaccine uptake in the United States. None of the interventions led to increases in vaccine uptake after thirty days.

Revealing Discriminatory Hiring Practices by Major US Employers

Patrick M. Kline
Evan K. Rose
Researchers studied hiring discrimination among major employers in the United States by sending fictional resumes, with varying demographic information, to determine whether certain characteristics would lead to different follow-up contact rates. Employers were less likely to contact resumes with...

The Impact of Poverty Reduction Among New Mothers on Child Brain Development in the United States

Sonya V. Troller-Renfree
Molly A. Costanzo
Katherine Magnuson
Hirokazu Yoshikawa
Sarah Halpern-Meekin
Nathan A. Fox
Kimberly G. Noble
Researchers evaluated the impact of poverty reduction via an unconditional cash transfer to mothers on child neurodevelopment. Children in families that received a $333 monthly transfer displayed different brain activity patterns than children whose mothers received only $20 a month.