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Does EdTech Substitute for Traditional Learning? The Impact of Computer-Assisted Learning in Russia

Robert W. Fairlie
Anastasia Kapuza
Elena Kardanova
Prashant Loyalka
Andrey Zakharov
Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to evaluate the impact of computer-assisted learning (CAL) on student test scores. The CAL program improved students’ math and language test scores, but increasing the time students spent on CAL did not lead to additional gains.

Providing information on wood heating to decrease indoor air pollution in France

Coralie Chevallier
Rita Abdel Sater
Mathieu Perona
Researchers evaluated the impact of a program in France that monitored indoor pollution and informed households of the negative effects of wood heating. Overall, the program led to a reduction in the usage of wood heating but only for households who received personalized feedback on their pollution...

Small Business Training and Loans for Aspiring Entrepreneurs in Disadvantaged Neighborhoods in France (ADIE)

Researchers evaluated whether coaching, guidance, and financial support could help young people create and sustain independent businesses. The entrepreneurship training program did not increase entrepreneurship, and participating youth were more likely to be unemployed and earn lower revenues from...

Assessing the effect of conditional cash transfers on pregnancy outcomes in France

Marc Bardou
Anne-Claire Bertaux
Aurélie Godard-Marceaux
Astrid Eckman-Lacroix
Elise Thellier
Frédérique Falchier
Philippe Deruelle
Muriel Doret
Xavier Carcopino-Tusoli
Thomas Schmitz
Thiphaine Barjat
Mathieu Morin
Franck Perrotin
Ghada Hatem
Catherine Deneux-Tharaux
Isabelle Fournel
Laurent Laforet
Nicolas Meunier-Beillard
Isabelle Le Ray

The Effectiveness of Financial Disclosure in the United Kingdom

Paul D. Adams
Stefan Hunt
Redis Zaliauskas
Researchers partnered with financial providers in the United Kingdom to evaluate the effectiveness of various disclosure designs aimed at supporting consumers’ financial decisions across savings products. Although most disclosures increased the number of consumers that switched to higher-yielding...