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Emergency Savings Accounts for Remittance Receivers in Mexico

Researchers partnered with CNS to investigate whether requiring clients to sign a non-binding agreement to save a predetermined amount of each remittance received could increase saving.


Interest Rate Sensitivity Among Village Banking Clients in Mexico

Researchers measured the impact of different interest rates loan take-up, amount, and repayment rates among female clients of Compartamos Banco in Mexico. Lower interest rates led to an increase in the number of loans issued, loan amounts, and new borrowers but did not increase profits in the short term.

Finance, Health, Gender

Health Education for Microcredit Clients in Peru

Dean Karlan , Rita Hamad, Lia C.H. Fernald

Researchers assessed whether the provision of health training alongside microfinance services impacted the health or financial behavior of Peruvian microcredit clients. They found that additional health training affected neither.

Woman on laptop talks to Peruvian woman spinning wool

Finance, Health, Gender

Graduating the Ultra-Poor in Peru

Dean Karlan , Bram Thuysbaert

Recent support for livelihoods programs has spurred interest in evaluating whether comprehensive “big push” interventions may allow for a sustainable transition to self-employment and a higher standard of living. To test this theory, in six countries researchers evaluated a multi-faceted approach aimed at improving long term income of the ultra-poor. They found that the approach had long-lasting...

Finance, Firms

Boosting Firms’ Productivity in Mexico with Consulting Services

Antoinette Schoar, Dean Karlan , Miriam Bruhn

Compared to their counterparts in high-income countries, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in low-and-middle-income countries are often less productive, grow slower, and hire fewer workers. In Mexico, researchers are testing whether this lagging productivity could be due to lower managerial capacity. They found that providing subsidized managerial consulting to Mexican SMEs boosted their...

Crowd of children

Education, Finance

Improving the Design of Conditional Transfer Programs in Colombia

Leigh Linden, Marianne Bertrand , Felipe Barrera-Osorio, Francisco Perez-Calle, Juan Saavedra

Researchers in Bogotá, Colombia, evaluated whether changing the timing and type of CCTs could lead to greater impact on educational attainment. All CCT variations had similarly positive impacts on school attendance, but transfers conditional on continued education had a greater impact on secondary and tertiary school enrollment, particularly for the most at-risk children.