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Crime, Violence, & Conflict, Education

The Impact of Entrepreneurship Training Using Imagery Techniques in Colombia

Nava Ashraf, Gharad Bryan , Alexia Delfino, Leonardo Iacovone, Ashley Pople

Researchers are designing and evaluating a soft skills training program that incorporates imagery techniques—which encourage participants to envision future scenarios or adopt the perspectives of others—for entrepreneurs who have experienced violence or other traumatic or challenging life circumstances in Bogotá, Colombia.

Firms, Labor Markets, Education

The impact of an online entrepreneurial mindset training for youth in Ecuador

Bruno Crépon , Igor Asanov, Diego d'Andria, Thomas Astebro, Guido Buenstorf, Francisco Flores, Mona Mensmann, Mathis Schulte, David McKenzie

In Ecuador, researchers are evaluating whether these skills can be taught at scale and online by testing the effects of an entrepreneurial mindset training program on youth education and employment outcomes.