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Finance, Political Economy & Governance, Gender

The Impacts of Community-Driven Development in Sierra Leone

Researchers evaluated the impact of a community-driven development program in Sierra Leone designed to establish more inclusive and accountable local decision-making infrastructure by providing villages with small development grants to be allocated by village committees. Results demonstrated the program successfully established village-level organizations and tools to manage development projects...

Woman in uniform talks to woman with baby in her lap

Health, Political Economy & Governance

Recruiting and Motivating Community Health Workers in Zambia

The Government of Zambia partnered with researchers to test the effect of two different recruitment strategies for a newly created healthcare position, the Community Health Assistant (CHA). The evaluation found that emphasizing opportunities for career advancement led to the selection of CHAs who were more qualified, had similar community service motivation, performed better on the job, and...

Candidates participating in a filmed debate for the 2012 parliamentary elections in Sierra Leone.

Political Economy & Governance

Debates: The Impact of Voter Knowledge Initiatives in Sierra Leone

While political debates are often considered an integral part of campaigns, little evidence exists on the impact of debates on voters and candidates. In Sierra Leone, researchers evaluated the effect of publicly-screened debates during the run-up to parliamentary elections.

Health, Political Economy & Governance

Governance for the Management of Local Public Goods in Kenya

Michael Kremer , Amrita Ahuja, Vivian Hoffman, Pamela Jakiela, Mathew Goodkin-Gold, Ryan Sheely

Man driving car in India

Political Economy & Governance, Crime, Violence, & Conflict

Deterring Drunk Driving in India

To evaluate which strategies are most effective at preventing drunk driving and reducing traffic accidents, researchers evaluated an anti-drunk driving program in India. Overall, the anti-drunk driving program was effective in reducing traffic deaths and accidents, with these reductions driven entirely by police stations that implemented surprise checkpoints. Promising transfers to reserve police...

Political posters on a wall

Political Economy & Governance

The Perils of Building Democracy in Africa: Evidence from Kenya

Tavneet Suri, Vincent Pons , Benjamin Marx

During the 2013 National Elections in Kenya, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) sent text messages to approximately two million registered voters to promote public interest and knowledge and to raise voter turnout. Researchers found that the text message campaign led to a small increase in voter turnout but significantly decreased trust in the electoral commission.