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Agriculture, Finance

Examining the Effects of Crop Price Insurance for Farmers in Ghana

Christopher Udry, Dean Karlan , Edward Kutsoati, Margaret McMillan

Researchers in Ghana introduced financial literacy training and crop price insurance to determine their impact on farmers' willingness to take out loans and make long-term investments. Results show that farmers who received the training and insurance were only slightly more likely to borrow and make investments. However, these limited impacts may be in part due to small sample size and high take-...

Agriculture, Finance

Examining Underinvestment in Agriculture: Returns to Capital and Insurance Among Farmers in Ghana

Christopher Udry, Dean Karlan , Isaac Osei-Akoto, Robert D. Osei

Researchers in northern Ghana evaluated the underlying reason for underinvestment by examining the relative effectiveness of cash grants and insurance grants in improving crop yields. Results suggest that uninsured risk, rather than a lack of capital, is the primary constraint on investment.

Men and women sit in Malawi village

Agriculture, Finance

Insurance, Credit and Technology Adoption in Malawi

Dean Yang , Xavier Giné

In Malawi, researchers examined the effect of bundling rainfall index insurance with a credit program on farmers' demand for credit. They found that bundling insurance with credit reduced the demand for credit, from 33 percent for credit alone down to 17.6 percent.

A paprika farmer inspecting his pepper crop in Malawi.

Agriculture, Finance

Borrower Responses to Fingerprinting for Loan Enforcement in Malawi

Dean Yang, Jessica Goldberg , Xavier Giné

Introducing fingerprinting identification for microloans caused high-risk borrowers to take out smaller loans and to improve their repayment behavior.

warehouse full of sacks of brown tobacco leaves

Agriculture, Finance

Reducing Barriers to Savings in Rural Malawi

Dean Yang, Jessica Goldberg , Xavier Giné, Lasse Brune

Researchers analyzed the effect of reducing barriers to saving in rural Malawi on savings behavior, investment in agricultural inputs, and consumption. They found that farmers with access to formal savings accounts preserved greater amounts of savings throughout both the harvest and planting seasons.

Three men bend over to plant seeds in plowed field

Agriculture, Finance

Savings, Subsidies and Sustainable Food Security in Mozambique

Dean Yang , Michael Carter, Rachid Laajaj

Can access to saving facilities in combination with subsidies for fertilizer increase long-run fertilizer adoption among farmers in Mozambique?