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Leveling the Playing Field for High School Choice: A Field Experiment of Informational Interventions in the United States

Researchers evaluated the impact of several informational interventions with different modes of delivery and customization levels on high school choice outcomes among middle school students in New York City. All interventions made students less likely to rank a low graduation rate high school as...

Forgive and Forget: The Impact of Medical Debt Relief on Financial and Health Outcomes in the United States

In this randomized evaluation, researchers evaluated the impact of a medical debt relief program (that buys and relieves a portion of individuals’ medical debt) on measures of mental and physical health, health care utilization, and financial well-being—including financial distress, credit score...

The Impact of Offering Pay-as-you-go Car Insurance on Covering Drivers in California

Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to test the impact of introducing a pay-as-you-go car insurance contract, which reduces minimum purchase requirements, to uninsured drivers in California. Applicants who were offered this type of insurance were nearly twice as likely to purchase car...

Are Information Disclosures Effective in the Credit Card Market? Evidence from Mexico

Enrique Seira Bejarano
Jesús Alan Elizondo Flores
Eduardo Laguna-Muggenburg

Expanding Financial Access Via Credit Cards: Evidence from Mexico

Enrique Seira Bejarano
Sara G. Castellanos
Diego J. Jiménez Hernández
Researchers leveraged data from a randomized evaluation conducted by a large bank in Mexico to test the impact of varying credit card contract terms on loan default, card cancellation rates, and bank revenue for first-time formal sector borrowers. Variations in the interest rate and minimum payment...

Improving Access to Information to Facilitate Moves to Opportunity

Researchers added school-quality information onto housing listings on the (formerly GoSection8) website, the largest provider of housing listings for HCV recipients, to evaluate the impact on families search for housing and their residential locations. The researchers found...

The impact of text message nudges on churn in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program in the United States

Samuel Madison
Katharine Meyer
Researchers are conducting a randomized evaluation to test the impact of text message reminders of key recertification processes and deadlines as well as access to paperwork assistance on enrollment in the SNAP program.