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Text Message Reminders and Incentives to Save in Bolivia

Are text message reminders an effective way to motivate people to save in Bolivia? Researchers evaluated the effectiveness of sending text message reminders to clients holding programmed savings accounts. Overall the reminder message slightly increased savings balances and the probability of meeting the savings goal of making one deposit a month.


The Use and Misuse of Computers in Education: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial of a Language Arts Program

Leigh Linden , Felipe Barrera-Osorio

In Colombia, researchers evaluated the impacts of a national computer distribution program (Computers for Education) on student test scores, time spent on learning, and attitudes towards education. The program had no effect on math or Spanish test scores, hours of study, or perceptions of school. Researchers found that, in practice, teachers only used the computers to teach computer usage skills...

Finance, Labor Markets

Small and Medium Enterprise Financing and Mentoring Services in Emerging Markets in the Dominican Republic

Antoinette Schoar , Alejandro Drexler

A simplified financial training based on “rules of thumb” improved business practices and outcomes among microentrepreneurs in the Dominican Republic, while standard, fundamentals-based accounting training produced no significant effect.


Responses to Degree of Control over Remittances in El Salvador

Researchers partnered with Banco Agrícola to conduct a randomized evaluation that offered a way for Salvadoran migrants to directly channel some fraction of their remittances into savings accounts in El Salvador. Results indicate that a desire for control over remittance uses—in particular the fraction that is saved in formal savings accounts—was large, and had significant influence on migrants’...

Students take a college entry test in Santiago, Chile.

Education, Finance

Removing Higher Education Barriers of Entry: Test Training and Classroom Peer Effects

Researchers are evaluating whether providing subsidized test preparation to high-achieving, low-income students can diminish the barriers to entry to institutions of higher education in Chile.

Education, Health

Promoting Handwashing Behavior in Peru: The Effects of Large-Scale Community and School-Level Interventions

Paul Gertler, Sebastian Galiani , Alexandra Orsola-Vidal, Nicolas Ajzenman

Researchers evaluated the impact of a large-scale handwashing intervention in Peru that introduced an innovative mix of mass media campaigns along with more intensive community activities, including educational sessions for caregivers and a handwashing curriculum in some schools. The program was effective in reaching its targeted households, improving knowledge related to handwashing, and...