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Agriculture, Health, Labor Markets

Temporary Labor Migration as Mitigation: Strategies for Managing Seasonal Famine in Bangladesh

Gharad Bryan, Mushfiq Mobarak , Shyamal Chowdhury

Can monetary incentives induce rural farmers to migrate to cities and pursue seasonal labor opportunities during times of famine?

A group of farmers in Malawi learn about sustainable practices


Promoting Sustainable Farming Practices in Malawi

Mushfiq Mobarak , Ariel BenYishay

Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to test the impact of leveraging social networks to disseminate information about two technologies, pit planting and “Chinese composting”, on farmers’ adoption of these methods. Providing performance-based incentives to peer farmers had the biggest effect on technology adoption.


Making Networks Work for Policy: Evidence from Agricultural Technology Adoption in Malawi

Researchers examined how social network-based information dissemination impacted agricultural technology adoption in Malawi. Results suggest that targeting seed farmers using a complex social network model was most effective in increasing adoption, but this approach was also expensive and difficult to implement.

Introducing irrigation to central Kenya

Agriculture, Finance, Gender

Encouraging Adoption of Rainwater Harvesting Tanks Through Collateralized Loans in Kenya

When dairy farmers in Western Kenya were offered a loan to purchase a rainwater harvesting tank, allowing them to use the tank as collateral significantly increased take-up of the loan, which subsequently had positive effects on dairy production, time use, and girls' school enrollment.

Mud house with thatch roof in corn field


Overcoming Barriers to Fertilizer Use in Kenya

Chemical fertilizers have the potential to substantially raise agricultural yields, but fertilizer usage remains low across sub-Saharan Africa. In Kenya, researchers are investigating whether time-limited coupons for fertilizer, farmer cooperatives, soil tests, and new technology adoptions increase fertilizer use amongst farmers.

Hut next to a field of sugarcane in western Kenya.


Contract Farming, Technology Adoption and Agricultural Productivity: Evidence from Small Scale Farmers in Western Kenya

Researchers study how cash advances and information delivered via text messages, can encourage farmers to adopt efficient agricultural practices and new crop varieties.