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Are Rainwater Harvesting Techniques Profitable for Small-Scale Farmers? The Adoption and Impact of RWH Techniques in Niger

In Niger, researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to test the impact of providing training and conditional or unconditional cash transfers on farmers’ adoption and use of an environmental technology, their resulting land use, agricultural production and profitability, and labor allocation.

The Impact of Bid Training on Small Firm Growth in Liberia

Vinayak Iyer
Golvine de Rochambeau
Ridhi Soni
Researchers evaluated the impact of a bid training program on the business performance of local small and medium-sized firms. The bid training led firms to bid on and win more contracts, with the positive impacts concentrated on a quarter of firms.

Increasing Menstrual Hygiene Awareness to Reduce School Dropout among Adolescent Girls in Madagascar

Julieta Vera
Duncan Webb
Researchers evaluated the impact of a program addressing constraints related to hygiene infrastructure and access to sanitary products while addressing social stigma around menstruation, on girls’ learning and psychosocial well-being in Madagascar. The program led to improvements in academic...

Community Engagement’s Impact on Healthcare Utilization and Health Insurance Enrollment in Ghana

Stephen Duku
Christine Fenenga
Wendy Janssens
Edward Nketiah-Amponsah
Researchers in Ghana evaluated the impact of community-led assessments on health insurance enrollment as well as healthcare and health insurance quality. The community engagement intervention improved the medical quality of healthcare, reduced community members’ chances of getting sick, and...

The Effects of Middle School Scholarships on Child Marriage in Niger

Elise Huillery
Mathilde Sage
Government ministries introduced middle school scholarships to cover girls’ transportation, housing, and supplies; researchers evaluated how paying for out-of-pocket expenses affected schooling impacts and child marriage. The researchers found that the intervention reduced girls’ chance of leaving...

The Effects of Varying Input Market Timing and Access to Credit on Farmers’ Agricultural Investment in Mali

In Mali, researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to test how the design and timing of a physical market for inputs (village input fairs) with varying levels of credit access affected farmers’ investment decisions. They found that farmer investment and input adoption increase when village input...

Frequent HIV Testing and Marriage and Pregnancy Decisions in Malawi

Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to test the impact of offering frequent HIV testing on rates of marriage and pregnancy. Offering high-frequency, opt-out HIV testing to young women and their partners changed beliefs of partner’s sexual safety, accelerated marriage, and increased the...