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Women gather around pond with well pump

Environment, Energy, & Climate Change, Health

Belief Formation of Risks of Arsenic in Bangladesh

Alessandro Tarozzi , Lori Bennear, Alexander H. B. Pfaff, Kazi Soumya, Matin Ahmed, Alexander van Geen

Providing households with more nuanced risk information about arsenic levels in drinking water had no effect on whether they switched to use a safe well.

Environment, Energy, & Climate Change, Political Economy & Governance

Local Leadership and the Voluntary Provision of Public Goods in Bolivia

Kelsey Jack , María P. Recalde

Researchers used a randomized evaluation to test how local leaders influence the voluntary provision of public goods. They found that when elected community leaders were asked to set an example, they increased the amount they gave and induced followers to contribute more as well.

Environment, Energy, & Climate Change

Improving the Allocation of Land Use Subsidies Through Self-Selection in Malawi

Kelsey Jack , Elsa Cardona Santo

This study examined the potential of self-selection to improve allocational efficiency in the context of a program that subsidized tree planting in Malawi. After three years, participants who self-selected through an auction had more surviving trees than participants selected at random, indicating that the auction revealed information about the participants that was important for efficient...

Environment, Energy, & Climate Change, Finance

Powering Small Retailers: The Adoption of Solar Energy under Different Pricing Schemes in Kenya

This randomized evaluation tests how price and payment method affect the adoption of off-grid solar power among small retailers near Nairobi and if access to electricity can improve their businesses’ performance.

Environment, Energy, & Climate Change, Health, Political Economy & Governance

Light up Bihar, India

In an ongoing study in India, researchers are partnering with the Government of Bihar Energy Department to test the effectiveness of a group payment incentive through which neighborhoods can earn more reliable electricity supply.

White building with Rural Electrification Authority logo painted

Environment, Energy, & Climate Change

The Demand for and Costs of Rural Electrification in Kenya

Over the past century, rural electrification has served as a key benchmark for economic development and social progress. Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to measure the impact of offering subsidies to connect to the power grid on the demand for rural electrification in Kenya. The study finds that demand falls rapidly as connection price increases, and that supply costs are very high...