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School-based Social and Emotional Learning on Student Behavior and Learning Outcomes in Chile

Nicolás Navarrete H
Researchers evaluated the impact of Chile’s national Skills For Life (SFL) program for disruptive students on their behavior and academic outcomes. Researchers found that the SFL program did not impact eligible students’ learning outcomes.

Leveraging Teacher Incentives to Improve Student Performance and Reduce Dropout in Uganda

Adrienne Lucas
Daniel Gilligan
Naureen Karachiwalla
Ibrahim Kasirye
Derek Neal
Researchers are evaluating whether an alternative teacher incentive scheme, providing rewards based on the performance of all students, can help reduce dropout and improve student performance.

The Impact of Group-Based Grain Storage Schemes on Farmers’ Savings and Incomes in Kenya

Shilpa Aggarwal
Ellin Francis
Researchers worked with existing savings clubs in Kenya to study the effect of two interventions on savings: the provision of communal crop storage devices and the provision of savings accounts earmarked for farm purchases. Researchers find that the products were popular: about 56% of farmers took...