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Temporary Labor Migration as Mitigation: Strategies for Managing Seasonal Famine in Bangladesh

Shyamal Chowdhury
Can monetary incentives induce rural farmers to migrate to cities and pursue seasonal labor opportunities during times of famine?

Groupements de Créateurs: Encouraging Youth Entrepreneurship in France

Nila Ceci-Renaud
Yann Algan
Researchers evaluated the impact of a program aiming to develop the autonomy and decision-making skills of young people interested in starting a company or organization. They found that the program had positive impacts on the employment status, income, and overall confidence of the participants.

Moving to Opportunity or Isolation? Network Effects of a Slum Relocation Program in India

To test this theory, researchers examined results of a housing lottery to measure the impact of relocation on slum residents. They found that offering subsidized suburban housing resulted in neither comprehensive take-up nor higher family income, suggesting that the benefits of improved housing were...

Training and Capital for Microentrepreneurs in Chile

Esteban Puentes
Jaime Ruiz-Tagle
Researchers partnered with the Chilean Ministry of Social Development to evaluate a micro-entrepreneur training and cash transfer program in Chile. They examined the effects of business training and cash transfers on individual employment and income. The program increased total employment, income...

Promoting High Impact Entrepreneurship in Mexico

Leonardo Iacovone
Eric Verhoogen
A lack of access to finance can impede the potential for growth among small firms. To meet this finance gap and to encourage high-growth entrepreneurship, governments and multilateral agencies throughout the developing world often directly fund small and medium enterprises. Governments, however...

Letters of Recommendation for Youth Employment in the United States

Researchers are working with SYEP employers to create personalized letters of recommendation for SYEP participants to evaluate the impact of recommendation letters on participants’ educational and employment outcomes after the program.

Discrimination in Hiring and Anonymous CVs in France (CV Anonymes)

In collaboration with the French employment agency Pôle Emploi, researchers evaluated whether interview and hiring rates of minority candidates changed when employers collect anonymous resumes. Making resumes anonymous did not affect the average number of interviews and job offers volunteer firms...

Free Medical Consultations for Young Job Seekers in France

Julie Pernaudet
Researchers partnered with five job centers to test whether health counseling targeted at youth increased insurance coverage and health care use, leading to better health and employment outcomes. Encouraging youth to meet with a social worker and with a physician increased enrollment in the public...