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The Effects of a Gender-based Violence (GBV) Curriculum on GBV and Education in Mozambique

Sofia Amaral
Aixa Garcia-Ramos
Sarita Ore-Quispe
In Mozambique, researchers are evaluating the GBV and schooling impacts of implementing a GBV curriculum targeted at students.

Plugging the leaky bucket: Generating experimental evidence to support Indonesia's social protection reforms

Elan Satriawan
Sudarno Sumarto
Researchers partnered with the Government of Indonesia to measure the impact of replacing the delivery of their food assistance program from in-kind transfers to electronic vouchers on household welfare. The reform was more effective in delivering assistance to targeted beneficiaries and helped...

Can Devolving the Police Increase the State's Capacity to Provide Legal Protections

Jasper Cooper
Researchers are using a randomized evaluation in Papua New Guinea to study the impact of the Community Auxiliary Police (CAP), a program that devolves policing powers to carefully selected community members.

Improving Community Engagement through Community-Driven Development in Sierra Leone

Researchers studied the impact of a community driven development program in Sierra Leone in the short and long-run and contrasted it with a technocratic approach to delegate the management of development projects to high skill individuals. In the short term, the CDD program increased the stock of...

Gender Differences in the Workplace: Evidence from a Tanzanian Factory

Yuen Ho
Yihong Huang
Munir Squires
Noam Yuchtman
In Tanzania, researchers are conducting a randomized evaluation to test the impact of factory employment and different compensation schemes on gender differences in labor market outcomes, taste for competition, and views on social and gender norms.

Graduating the Ultra-Poor in Egypt

Ragui Assaad
Christine Valente
Following a series of evaluations of the Graduation approach in 15 other countries, researchers are now evaluating the impact of the Graduation approach on the livelihoods of the ultra-poor in Upper Egypt.

The Impact of Nursing Skills Training on Employment Outcomes in Egypt

Ahmed ElSayed
Samer Atallah
Marc Witte
Researchers are conducting a randomized evaluation to test the impact of a nursing skills training program targeting female youth based in Assiut and Sohag, Egypt, on employment outcomes on the treated group and more importantly, their local social network.